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    If lease is expired, and without renewal it should be disconnected by router.
    Router disconnects device by leasing it's IP to another device. Am I correct?
    DHCP will not hand out the new IP address as a way of disconnecting the device because that would lead to both devices claiming to be that IP if the original device was not respecting the lease. The proper way is for the leasing device to let go of the ip and request a new one if the lease is expired. This maintains the pool of available IP's to assign.

    This is not a showstopper - but should be fixed to avoid overwhelming the IP address space available and causing an abundance of unnecessary traffic on the network.
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    ok, thank you.
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    Yes the Pre is better than Android. I believe the entire 2% of the consumer base that uses WebOS agrees with you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by donjt81 View Post
    Yes the Pre is better than Android. I believe the entire 2% of the consumer base that uses WebOS agrees with you.
    My part of the 2% emphatically agrees. I tested an Android (Evo) for 30 days & came back to my Pre-. Hardware was better on Evo (though I prefer the shape & size of the Pre), but no question how much more I liked webOS.

    BTW, I hear the hardware issues were fixed on the Pre 2 & from those that handled the Veer & Pre 3.
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    I fully agree that i wish that we had a phone that had the numbers that we could get banned. <come through for me Sprint and bring me a new Pre3>

    It's sad to know that all of those Princeton students can't get online to do work because the IP's are being taken up by andriod users. I doubt that there will be any major negative publicity regarding this either. This does make me wonder on the possible negative impact to larger businesses because of this? Could this be a long term issue that could affect WiMax (not sure how WiMax connections are made) on Sprint? Might this be something that HPalm can use as a valid point to present to enterprise customers to help promote and sell the new devices Pre3, Veer, Touchpad, etc over Andriod devices?
    I think we're talking WIFI here not wimax! :/
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