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    yes bring it to sprint. I work for sprint and i am waiting for it. PLEASE
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    No trees were killed in the sending of this message, but a large number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced
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    I can't believe that we even have to do this!!! What in tarnation is Sprint/HP doing? This should be a guaranteed thing to go to Sprint, dag nabbit!! I want my Pre 3!!!!!!! on Sprint!!!!!!! For the love of everything that is sane and fun time, please pump me with the Pre 3 in the Sprint domain.
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    tweeted as well... Let's everybody get the word out and bombard them with some publicity. I, too, am tired of waiting and waiting and waiting. Good lucj to all
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    Achill3s' Palm Pre: Modded and patched to death!!
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    Great idea! Go Sprint users, GOOOO!
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    I'm just going to switch to Verizon. Why should I have to beg them for a phone?
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    I actually spoke with two SAR's from Sprint today that they said that they have internal e-mails stating that Sprint will be recieving four HP device's by the end of this year. They are part of the 33 devices Sprint is planning to launch. They where not told which four. They also said that Sprint wasn't planning to carry any of them until HP bought them out and now Sprint is working heavily with HP.
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    4 out of 33 = obscurity.
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    well, how many devices do you expect HP will have by the end of the year? Veer, pre 3, touchpad, stingray, maybe one or two that won't make it to sprint. if we're lucky.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    4 out of 33 = obscurity.
    Tell that to the iPhone.
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    I was expecting 6 phones.

    pre2 gsm and cdma

    pre3 gsm and cdma

    veer gsm and cdma

    6 tablets:
    touchpad gsm, cdma, wifi

    touchpad-mini (7") gsm, cdma, wifi.

    and then a slab phone announced for next year. But that is pure speculation.

    I don't think sprint needs more than 4 webos devices. I think they need fewer than 20 or 30 new android phones.

    its getting crowded like the car business did. Too many models slow sales.
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    I wouldn't be surprised if Sprint passes on the Pre3. By the time the "summer" release happens, it will already be 7-8 months old from its "initial" release. My girlfriend just got an Evo Shift and I will say that it is tempting, especially since I've had my Pre since June 09 with no official future product in sight. Task managing is better on the Pre, but no lag, app store (may be bloated with junk, but they have a lot of nice things), and voice recognition is what the masses want. I think HP and Sprint need to forget about the Pre3 and release the next generation, a Pre4 with 4g access. Between a Pre3 and Android, I'm probably jumping ship...but a Pre4 may get my attention.
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    my guess would be...
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    come on sprint act like ur name and get that info to us starving customers (well if you even care)...
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