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    Hi all,

    I'm one of the luckier ones in the group of Pre3 owners in waiting. I'm not married to any one cell provider. My contract ended 6 months ago. I doesn't matter either way to me which carrier gets the Pre3 first. But I realize that I am the exception. That fact came with a price for me. I was stuck with a Centro, (don't get me wrong my Centro has has worked flawlessly all of the past 2 1/2 years), however I never got to use & own a webOS product at all.

    Once my contract ended, it seemed foolish to me to run out and get a Pre2 even though I knew that it was coming out before Palm was purchased by HP.

    Once I know that Palm was definitely up for sale, to me the Pre2 was going to be a "holdover or bridge phone", meaning it was to be a stop gap measure until other models that Palm had hoped to make but wouldn't be able to make due to lack of funds.

    That is also why I decided to skip on getting a Veer, but I will be right out there to get a Pre3 the minute it hits the stores.

    Take care,

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    I'm on verizon and I hope to get the Pre3 also. But I do root for you Sprint guys to get it just as well. I would probably have gone with Sprint already, but their 3G in Auburn and many other rural AL towns in not 'bad', it's 'non-existent.' EG: There is no high speed internet service from sprint anywhere near me. not even 1x. Closest is Montgomery, ~60 miles west.

    I am holding my upgrade from the + to the 2 in hopes of the 3 launching on Verizon. And if Verizon is listening, I am willing to pay for it. I'm not asking for free, just a good contract price like 149, 199.
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    Quote Originally Posted by astraith View Post
    Pehaps someone has already said this, but I can't find this page using the Pre Facebook app.
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    After sending my email, received 2 back asking for my phone number for them to talk to me. Got a call from sprint yesterday. We talked for about 30 minutes. The lady that called me stated she can not confirm or deny that the pre3 will come to sprint. She did say that sprint is getting a boat load of inquiries about the pre3. Suggest we keep the campaign up and get more folks to call, email or whatever to get sprints attention. Hopefully it will work. She say pre2 owners are very dedicated by replacing their problematic pre2 many times just to stay with the pre2. I did express that if sprint didn't get the pre3, expect allot of lost customers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rennat View Post
    I emailed Dan Hessie is the CEO of sprint and his staff called me. Now don't try to say that if you are that far up you don't know anything about future phones.
    I also emailed and got a call back from one of his staff. The call was followed up by an email to me which I am pasting below. No new info here, so don't read unless you're like me and want to read anything regarding Pre3 on Sprint. The rep assured me on the phone that all the emails are taken very seriously and they had received a HUGE number regarding the Pre3. Hopefully everyone reading these posts will take the time to email Dan. Here's the email:

    Dear xxxxx xxxxxxxx,

    Thank you for contacting It was my pleasure speaking
    with you today. Per our conversation, I informed you that at this time we are unable to provide you with any information on if or when Sprint will be offering a Web OS or Pre 3 device. We appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to share your feedback. I will forward your feedback about new products to the appropriate group for review. Your feedback will help us to continue to improve our products, services and overall customer experience. You can visit Cell Phones, Mobile Phones & Wireless Calling Plans from Sprint for any updates on new products.

    Thank you for contacting Sprint.

    We value your business and appreciate the opportunity to answer your questions. Please reply to this email or visit if we can be of assistance.
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    We are wasting our time here. Lets cut the chase. The reason for us to stay with Sprint is cheap and unlimited data plans. We are not going to get that on Verizon or ATT. OTOH , ATT is cheaper of the rest. If ATT matches Sprint price or give some discount for switching to them from Sprint , I would jump to ATT in a heartbeat.

    The best way for doing this is to talk to ATT and ask them of any carrier switching promotions. This would shake Sprint, which is neither thriving or dying as a carrier.
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    I agree, ATT might not be much more expensive for me. I actually have a 25% discount with them through my employer. The biggest problem I see is lack of unlimited data and 2GB cap is quite pathetic. OTOH they also now have unlimited mobile to mobile which is great. Decisions, decisions.
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    Yeah, but I hear horrible things about AT&T's service. Even from dedicated iPhone users.
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    Hi all,

    Look why get down in the mouth that Sprint isn't listening...we don't know they aren't. So before you all get upset..just wait and see...I know that isn't easy, however we will know shortly!

    Take care,

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