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    Contact Sprints chat about the update too. they keep saying "Since these products are in such high demand as of now we looking to get an ADVANCED version of the Palm Pre" WHICH MEANS HP PRE 3 !
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    Everyone please go to the link : Sprint Chat

    Sprint keeps telling me that "We release new devices on our customers feedback, and since we got so many demands for the HP Pre3 and Palm Pre 2 on Sprint we will most likely release one of these devices. Your feedback is greatly appreciated."

    Sprint's in the talks with HP/Palm!! Just a little more begging guys!

    I hope Sprint continues their relationship with Palm/HP (even though if I was Sprint i would most likely not take another chance, but hey if we all team up and give Sprint enough feedback im sure they'll pull through!)
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    ill do it
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    Please tell me what they say, they'll most likely say: Thanks for your feedback! we release new phones on customer feedback!
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    Mike: Hello, are you going to be getting the HP Pre 3

    15:59:23 : Franklin M: I am sorry, currently we don't have any update regarding the HP palm pre3, however we are launching so many other phones

    15:59:36 : Franklin M: If you wish I can provide you the details about those phones

    16:00:25 : Mike : I really dislike those phones, I want an HP phone. I love WebOs

    16:01:08 : Franklin M: Be assure as soon as we will get any update we will let you know. Is this ******** your correct email address.

    16:01:41 : Mike: Can you please put in a request for sprint to get the HP Phone? If you dont carry it I will have to leave Sprint. I have been a customer for many years

    16:02:13 : Franklin M: Sure

    16:02:34 : Franklin M: I will surely forward the feedback for you.
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    Yeah, typical. Heres mine :

    05/10/2011 06:04:53PM Session Started with Agent (Sophie G.)
    05/10/2011 06:04:53PM System: "Thank you for contacting Sprint. My name is Sophie G.."
    05/10/2011 06:04:53PM Zack Jaghab: "Are you guys planning to launch the Palm Pre 2 or the new HP Pre3 ? I'd really love a NEW webOS phone... like soon. you guys passed up the Palm Pre Plus, the Palm Pixi Plus. the Palm Pre 2, and the HP Veer.... My device is starting to fall apart and if S"
    print decides to pass on yet ANOTHER webOS phone, i'll jump to Verizon...
    05/10/2011 06:05:21PM Zack Jaghab: "hi, everything you need to know is in the description."
    05/10/2011 06:05:29PM Agent (Sophie G.): "Hi."
    05/10/2011 06:05:42PM Agent (Sophie G.): "I understand that you want to get a new phone."
    05/10/2011 06:06:15PM Zack Jaghab: "Uh. Yeah and Sprint is NOT getting WebOS phones... and i cant do android its just so bad.. i love webOS!"
    05/10/2011 06:06:39PM Agent (Sophie G.): "I am sorry for the inconvenience caused."
    05/10/2011 06:07:31PM Agent (Sophie G.): "I have checked the details and as of now there is no such phones we are offering. Whenever it will be launched or about to launched then it will be updated on Sprint web site or you will get the notification for this."
    05/10/2011 06:09:30PM Agent (Sophie G.): "Is there anything else I may assist you with?"
    05/10/2011 06:09:36PM Zack Jaghab: "Can i speak with a Supervisor?"
    05/10/2011 06:11:13PM Agent (Sophie G.): "Sure but may I know the concern for which you want to talk with Supervisor?"
    05/10/2011 06:11:28PM Zack Jaghab: "Because he knows more."
    05/10/2011 06:11:36PM Agent (Sophie G.): "Ok."
    05/10/2011 06:11:39PM Agent (Sophie G.): "One moment please."
    05/10/2011 06:11:45PM Zack Jaghab: "ok."
    05/10/2011 06:13:30PM Agent (Sophie G.): "I am transferring your chat to my Supervisor."
    05/10/2011 06:13:35PM Zack Jaghab: "Ok."
    05/10/2011 06:13:36PM Agent (Sophie G.): "Please stay connected."
    05/10/2011 06:13:47PM Zack Jaghab: "Hello, Norma"
    05/10/2011 06:13:58PM Agent (Norma S.): "Hello"
    05/10/2011 06:14:14PM Agent (Norma S.): "I am the supervisor of Sophie"
    05/10/2011 06:14:23PM Agent (Norma S.): "How are you doing today?"
    05/10/2011 06:15:28PM Zack Jaghab: "Hey, are you guys planning to continue your relationship with Palm/HP? because a lot of users would like a new device because our Pixi's and Pre's are falling apart and re refuse to go on a different OS. Please consider getting the HP Pre3 OR the Palm Pre"
    05/10/2011 06:16:56PM Agent (Norma S.): "I appreciate you taking time to provide us your valued feedback and showing your interest in our products."
    05/10/2011 06:17:23PM Agent (Norma S.): "Currently we are only offering the Palm Pixi web OS phone."
    05/10/2011 06:17:24PM Zack Jaghab: "No. im not showing an intrest in your products considering you dont have any new WebOS phone! "
    05/10/2011 06:18:20PM Agent (Norma S.): "I am right away forwarding your feedback to our appropriate department so that in the coming future the new models with web OS can be considered."
    05/10/2011 06:19:06PM Zack Jaghab: "Why don't you guys bring new HP webOS devices! :/ all you have is Android..."
    05/10/2011 06:19:22PM Agent (Norma S.): "Once we will come up with these models, you will come to know with the promotional advertisements and the information will also be updated on the Sprint website"
    05/10/2011 06:19:38PM Zack Jaghab: "but why dont you guys like webOS anymore!"
    05/10/2011 06:21:23PM Agent (Norma S.): "We keep on launching new models upon our customers feedback and we came out with the new Android models and now we have started getting the feedbacks from our customers regarding the web OS phones so we will be coming with these models as well."
    05/10/2011 06:21:51PM Agent (Norma S.): "Your feedback is welcome and appreciated."
    05/10/2011 06:23:27PM Zack Jaghab: "your getting new webOS phones!!! and you've had a lot of feedback from your customers to get which device"
    05/10/2011 06:24:56PM Agent (Norma S.): "We are getting the feedback from our customers for the web OS devices and we have been forwarding the feedback to our appropriate department, we will certainly let you know if we come out with any such models."
    05/10/2011 06:25:12PM Zack Jaghab: ":/ I LOVE WEBOS"
    05/10/2011 06:25:25PM Agent (Norma S.): "I understand that."
    05/10/2011 06:26:07PM Agent (Norma S.): "Is there anything else I can assist you with?"
    05/10/2011 06:26:26PM Zack Jaghab: "WHY DONT U GET NEW WEBOS DEVICES?!"
    05/10/2011 06:26:34PM Zack Jaghab: "AND PLEASE OFFER THE PRE FOR REFURBISHED"
    05/10/2011 06:27:55PM Agent (Norma S.): "I do understand your choice and please be assured we will let you know if we will come with this."
    05/10/2011 06:28:46PM Zack Jaghab: "But why dont you guys sell the Palm Pre anymore :/"
    05/10/2011 06:30:32PM Agent (Norma S.): "The phone models keep on launching and some models are stopped by the manufacturer, your feedback is appreciated and we will certainly let you know if it will be available again."
    05/10/2011 06:30:59PM Zack Jaghab: "PLEASE LET THEM . I WANT WEBOS"
    05/10/2011 06:31:08PM Agent (Norma S.): "Sure."
    05/10/2011 06:31:26PM Zack Jaghab: "Have you ever used a webOS device ?"
    05/10/2011 06:32:19PM Agent (Norma S.): "Yes, I understand that its your choice and you like it, your feedback has been taken."
    05/10/2011 06:32:23PM Agent (Norma S.): "Thank you very much for your time to chat with us."
    05/10/2011 06:32:27PM Zack Jaghab: "Wait.."
    05/10/2011 06:32:38PM Zack Jaghab: "Have u used webOS before?"
    05/10/2011 06:34:47PM Agent (Norma S.): "Unfortunately, I have not used the web OS phone as of now."
    05/10/2011 06:35:17PM Zack Jaghab: "Can you please go through some of the Pixi's or Pre's around you! I ASSURE YOU, YOU WILL WANT ONE."
    05/10/2011 06:35:34PM Agent (Norma S.): "Sure, I will. Thank you."
    05/10/2011 06:36:13PM Zack Jaghab: "Um.. Okkk. Well I LOVE WEBOS PLEASE GET IT, OR YOU WILL LOSE ME AND 1000 WEBOS USERS TO VERIZON. BYE."
    05/10/2011 06:36:47PM Agent (Norma S.): "We value your business and feedback provided to us."
    05/10/2011 06:37:10PM Agent (Norma S.): "Thank you for chatting with us. Have a great time ahead."
    05/10/2011 06:37:21PM Zack Jaghab: "yu to"
    05/10/2011 06:37:27PM Agent (Norma S.): "Thank you."
    05/10/2011 06:37:35PM Session Ended

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    I think I may have ambushed their Facebook postings enough times to get banned for not getting the Pre 2. Spoke with their corporate escalations office for unrelated matters and did give that person the ultimatum last week. No more *****ing from me. If they dont get the Pre3 and clearly making my allegiance to the phone over carrier, Ill just go to the carrier that has it.

    Simple as that.
    Try diplomacy first. You can always conquer them later..., read it, use it, love it, and donate to it.....
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    Here's my chat with Sprint:

    22:30:37 : Connected to

    22:30:37 : Session ID: 2771888

    22:30:37 : Gary Phillips: Initial Question/Comment: Future Web OS phones

    22:30:48 : Anderson S. has joined this session!

    22:30:48 : Connected with Anderson S.. Your Reference Number for this chat session is 2771888.

    22:30:48 : Please wait and the next available account specialist will be with you shortly.

    22:30:48 : Thank you for contacting Sprint. My name is Anderson S..

    22:31:06 : Gary Phillips: Hello Anderson

    22:31:38 : Anderson S.: Hello

    22:32:19 : Gary Phillips: I just wanted to let Sprint know that I am very interested in a new Web OS phone...

    22:32:50 : Anderson S.: Ok

    22:32:59 : Gary Phillips: I have had the Palm Pre for almost 2 years, and no other operating system comes close to Web OS.

    22:33:27 : Gary Phillips: HP will be releasing the Pre 3 this summer, and I just wanted to appeal to Sprint to consider carrying this phone.

    22:34:08 : Anderson S.: I understand your interest in HP Pre3.

    22:34:20 : Anderson S.: I have taken your feedback regarding the same.

    22:34:40 : Gary Phillips: Thank you. I appreciate your time.

    22:34:58 : Anderson S.: You are welcome.

    22:35:23 : Anderson S.: Thank you for your feedback. Its required to improve and provide good service and products to our Customer.

    22:35:33 : Gary Phillips: You are welcome.

    22:35:36 : Gary Phillips: Goodbye.

    22:35:43 : Anderson S.: Have a good night.
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    I'll try to tell them that I'm switching to Verizon, which I am going to do this summer anyways.

    EDIT: Their response
    Currently , there is no updated information as when we are going to carry Pre 3 .There is no time frame available yet. I have received some chat regarding same concern and forwarded this feedback to our appropriate department .Once we get any updated information , we will pass it to our customers.
    However, he said "Your welcome" but then said "Sure..." just like the rep posted above. I think I find some sarcasm in there..
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    - John Wayne
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    I tried as well and was told that they are currently not carrying it. They said I would get an e-mail if it became available. not very helpful, but maybe they'll at least log that it was requested.
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    Couldn't we make this a sticky?
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    i'm getting sick of support for so many apps for the pixi, especially led flashlight.
    i also want this for sprint.
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    Your session ID for this incident is 2771696.
    Time Details
    05/10/2011 08:53:19PM Session Started with Agent (Ricki K.)
    05/10/2011 08:53:19PM System: "Please wait and the next available account specialist will be with you shortly."
    05/10/2011 08:53:19PM System: "Thank you for contacting Sprint. My name is Ricki K.."
    05/10/2011 08:53:19PM Cyrus Taghehchian: "webOS??"
    05/10/2011 08:53:47PM Cyrus Taghehchian: "hello"
    05/10/2011 08:53:57PM Agent (Ricki K.): "hi."
    05/10/2011 08:54:09PM Cyrus Taghehchian: "I see that the HP Pre3 has passed the FCC certifications"
    05/10/2011 08:54:13PM Cyrus Taghehchian: "today."
    05/10/2011 08:54:25PM Cyrus Taghehchian: "And i wanted to know Sprint's plans on to carry the Pre3"
    05/10/2011 08:55:05PM Agent (Ricki K.): "There is no updated information about this."
    05/10/2011 08:55:28PM Agent (Ricki K.): "Once we have this information updated, we will glad to inform you ."
    05/10/2011 08:55:29PM Cyrus Taghehchian: "meaning there was an initial information"
    05/10/2011 08:55:37PM Cyrus Taghehchian: "?"
    05/10/2011 08:56:56PM Agent (Ricki K.): "We have already receiving some chats regarding this concern.We have forwarded this to appropriate department .Once we get any updated information as when we are going to have Pre 3 , we will surely inform you ."
    05/10/2011 08:57:39PM Cyrus Taghehchian: "I am not sure what you mean. this is the first time I am chatting with you."
    05/10/2011 08:57:55PM Agent (Ricki K.): "I am sorry for confusion."
    05/10/2011 08:57:58PM Cyrus Taghehchian: "You meaning sprint regarding this question."
    05/10/2011 08:58:01PM Agent (Ricki K.): "Let me explain it again."
    05/10/2011 08:58:53PM Cyrus Taghehchian: "Ok, I understand what you meant now, probably meaning other people. So my last question is:"
    05/10/2011 08:59:01PM Agent (Ricki K.): "We don't have any updated information that when we are going to carry Pre 3."
    05/10/2011 08:59:07PM Agent (Ricki K.): "Yes, you are correct ."
    05/10/2011 08:59:23PM Agent (Ricki K.): "I have received some chat regarding same concern."
    05/10/2011 08:59:40PM Cyrus Taghehchian: "Does Sprint plan on carrying any other HP webOS phone in the future? I have been waiting on an upgrade for almost a year now, and other phones have been released like the Pre2 on verizon but not Sprint"
    05/10/2011 09:00:32PM Cyrus Taghehchian: "So if Sprint does not plan on releasing a HP webOS phone, I can plan on either getting another non webos phone or changing to a carrier that does carry webOS phone"
    05/10/2011 09:02:11PM Agent (Ricki K.): "I am sorry Cyrus there is no updated information about this .I have received some chats regarding the same issue earlier and I have forwarded the feedback to our appropriate team .Once I get the updated information from them , I will pass that information"
    &nbsp to all our customers.
    05/10/2011 09:03:01PM Cyrus Taghehchian: "ok. I understand. It is frustrating not knowing information. if I know Sprint will not carry other webOS phone, I will probably look into Android on sprint, but Sprint has not said yes or now"
    05/10/2011 09:03:03PM Cyrus Taghehchian: "no"
    05/10/2011 09:03:16PM Cyrus Taghehchian: "I have been eligible for upgrade since 6/2010"
    05/10/2011 09:03:23PM Cyrus Taghehchian: "thank you and have a nice day"
    05/10/2011 09:03:39PM Session Ended
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    We need to request a webOS device...Does not have to be a Pre3 but at least a webOS device!! Slab or Portrait slider does not matter to me just as long as it is webOS. I wish they would just acknowledge that they are expecting such a device.
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    Guys, deliberately going to Sprint and <angering> individual customer service representatives will do nothing.
    05/10/2011 06:25:12PM Zack Jaghab: ":/ I LOVE WEBOS"
    05/10/2011 06:25:25PM Agent (Norma S.): "I understand that."
    05/10/2011 06:26:07PM Agent (Norma S.): "Is there anything else I can assist you with?"
    05/10/2011 06:26:26PM Zack Jaghab: "WHY DONT U GET NEW WEBOS DEVICES?!"
    05/10/2011 06:26:34PM Zack Jaghab: "AND PLEASE OFFER THE PRE FOR REFURBISHED"
    All you are doing here is being irritating. If you want to make an actual difference, start a petition. Politely - key word 'politely' - recommend it to people.
    By the way, telling a Sprint rep that they will lose 1,000 users is like telling a whale you're going to scrape off a barnacle or two.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zacky59 View Post
    Everyone please go to the link : Sprint Chat

    Unless you believe things from Sprint Chat like Sprint is releasing 2.2 for Pixi and or Bigfoot is real. You are lucky enough to get a trouble ticket with Sprint chat, after that you would have to have a lot of blind faith that they would report anything. They are tech support not a gripe line. But they will say yes to almost anything you ask them and make you think they are doing something.

    On a more uplifting note I can confirm that (unlike Sprint Chat) is monitored by American Sprint employees and will definitely pass along your complaints.
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    i just emailed and Mary P. called me and said she would pass along my suggestions to carry HP products. she also said that they have been getting a lot of feedback to get these new devices.
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    Since we are a small community, why don't we just get all the guys at /b/ to spam(troll) Sprint for us? They have a pretty good track record haha.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zacky59 View Post
    i just emailed and Mary P. called me and said she would pass along my suggestions to carry HP products. she also said that they have been getting a lot of feedback to get these new devices.
    I have done the same twice.
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    I have emailed and urge those of you who are Sprint customers to include your name and Sprint number as I have done so they know these are not just random people but their own customers.
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