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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikey47 View Post
    I kind of disagree on this point. Obviously HP knows who they are negotiating with, but I don't think its obvious to say that they know who will get it.

    Just take Sprint for example. Let's say that HP is in negotiations with them to carry the TP and Pre3. Just because they are negotiating no one, especially HP, can say that Sprint will for sure be getting them. Not until everything is signed, sealed and delivered would it be for sure. At any point in that negotiation Sprint could walk away because HP is asking too much of them, or vice-versa.

    If all HP's wishes would come true I think they would like to see the TP and Pre3 all every carrier in the world. Exclusive deals with carriers do not benefit the manufacturer, they only benefit the carrier (if the product is good enough). Like the iPhone -- Apple would have like to have seen the iPhone on every carrier, but AT&T made the money worth it to Apple to have exclusivity.

    Only time will tell which carriers will have the TP and Pre3, anyone who claims absolutely one way or another right now is just speculating.
    We heard months in advance that sprint would be carrying the first Pre. Right before the Sprint launch, Verizon and AT&T both chimed in..months in advance. I'm sure the ink hadn't even started with them. I don't think this is what is causing any delays in announcing.

    Sprint is a carrier soon to be in a distant third place in the US. If HP can't make a deal with them, then HP isn't trying hard enough. At this point, we don't even know if HP is interested, much less trying with Sprint. But you can't blame anyone but HP.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chalx View Post
    I'm not saying it's not true, but it's strange for carrier to be OS oriented.
    I'd lean in that direction right now. With the Sprint/Google Voice integration announcement, I'd bet on tighter ties between the two. Including limiting phone choices that favor Google.
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    i do think HP knows they need to get all three of these intial devices in the hands of as many people as possiable. To me this is the reason they made the Pre 3 a world device, to make it easier to make it available on all networks. I believe Sprint, as well as every other carrier will take the device. The specs alone make it feesable to carry it, and being 4G isnt a must have at this point, being all 4G networks are still in the intial stages and are not as fast as advertised yet. So look for all three of these devices to be launched on multiple networks where available (veer on GSM only of course).
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    If no sprint Pre3, what about a Franken3(Pre3)?
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    Quote Originally Posted by lsuinhouston View Post
    If no sprint Pre3, what about a Franken3(Pre3)?
    it wouldn't be possible. the com boards are different sizes than the sprint pre or pixi thus couldn't be swapped in.
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    After handled Veer in store, I really want the Pre 3. I won't camp out or anything, and may even wait a few months to see if there is any price drops, but the Veer was fast (Sprint Pre user here), so I am sure I will love Pre 3.
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    From all the posts I've read on this at PC, one thing is for sure. The Pre 3 is definitely coming or definitely not coming to Sprint.

    Thank you OP for confirming this.
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    Merge tiem?
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    Quote Originally Posted by deesugar View Post
    From all the posts I've read on this at PC, one thing is for sure. The Pre 3 is definitely coming or definitely not coming to Sprint.

    Thank you OP for confirming this.
    Lmao, hahahaha

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    Like many here have stated....after I just visited my local Sprint store here, one of the store managers and rep both stated Sprint will carry the Pre 3 and they added they will be getting the Iphone (I didn't ask which version).

    Also, like many have stated, we shall know soon enough.
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