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    The Veer is getting a launch party on May 2, and O2-DE have said a while ago that it's gonna launch here in May. So I'm fairly confident that we're also gonna get the Pre3 soon after the initial release - if indeed HP aren't going to pull simultaneous global releases, which I'm almost expecting (and certainly hoping) they will.

    If the Pre3 comes this June, and feels as good as it looks, it'll be the first phone I ever buy before my old contract is up.
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    While nothing is announced, it makes sense to release the Pre3 and the Touchpad at the same time.

    Releasing one product and not the other while heavily advertising TTS is not something that HP try to get away with. It only makes sense for the Veer because they have specifically stated that the feature will be added after software updates.

    The main question that makes no sense is why they would try to lead off their new product line with the Veer. Not necessarily the best way to re-introduce webOS to the world.
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    I agree that this is NOT the product to re-launch WebOS.

    I like the veer but if I am paying extreme data plan prices I want a tablet phone that can take full advantage of it. This phone should be free and with a feature phone data rate.

    I don't see this being successful. It will be HPs kin.

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    I really think something is gana happen on June 6th.
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