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    Edit: fixed the link

    clorox allowed their employees to get either an iphone, windows phone, or android. no webOS phone. if the pre3 were out i would hope that would be a different story! BOOO
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    I wonder how fast we are seeing companies move here. I have no idea really, but once the big ones go, will that set precedent for a mass migration?
    ...This programming stuff is actually addictive but really hard :/
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    iphone makes the most sense, as it has the most stable app selection. No kang ware.
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    What if this or what if that, the Pre 3 is NOT out and HP is loosing ground everyday. Lot of people like myself were on the fence but now I will be getting the iPhone5 cause I know it will be out, has lot of useful apps. Plus it will complete my eco-system (iMac, MacBookPro & iPad2, I was really hoping to get the TouchPad and the Pre3 if it came out like in march. Plus what put me towards iPhone is the apps. Right now I have the Pre and not many useful apps. It is a shame that HP is taking its time and loosing people. There are many people like me who just figured its better on the other side. But for now I still use my Pre from Sprint, and it really does blow. My wife has the pixi and she hates, we both had the Androids EVO not much better only thing better is the screen and cpu speed, plus tons of apps.
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    WebOS has very little in the way of enterprise manageability. Android's is a little better, but still shamefully short of what is really needed. (Even my phandroid colleague admits as much.) RIM and Apple have provided at least the capability, if not the actual tools, for proper remote manageability.

    I am hoping that HP has the sense to do some level of lock-down at least to Android's level, if not to the level of Apple or (preferably) RIM. If not, it's going to be difficult to get it into certain markets.
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    Let's be serious about this. RIM has been in the space forever with their BlackBerry. They defined this platform for accessing business email/apps from a mobile platform.

    You are seeing iPhone making a lot of inroads to take some of this away from RIM. And just the cusp of seeing Android follow too.

    Let's just ignore the massive difference in number of apps available for other platforms that webOS just doesn't have, even if the Pre3 came out today and was perfect in every possible way, you are looking at 2 to 3 years before you could ever hope to see mass acceptance of it as an enterprise mobile platform -- no matter how hard HP pushes it.
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    What do you expect? If HP decides to be lazy and take their sweet time fixing things thats their problem. They won't survive in this industry if they act like that. Obviously Clorox would give BB and Apple products the OK, they are popularized and more useful than any current WebOS device with application selection.
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    maybe hp should just stick to printers.

    just saw some videos of the rimm playbook. it makes the "soon-to-be-released" hp touchpad look like a joke. rimm will soon be teaching the world and hp how to use gestures.

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