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    does anyone know the deal w pre 3 appps? With the larger screen size and resolution how the apps retain clarity esp with images? I'm worried the apps I use like newsroom won't look so hot and since some of those developers have moved on from web os development I might not see an update

    any thoughts?
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    What it means to you

    * Runs all Mojo-based apps.
    * Upgradable to webOS 3.0.
    * Perfect for apps that benefit from larger screen size and powerful processor, especially business apps.
    * Pre3 automatically scales existing Mojo apps up 1.5 times. For information on optimizing webOS apps for different screen sizes see Getting Ready For New Devices.
    And this:

    Both the Pre3 and TouchPad will continue to support the Mojo application framework, so generally speaking, your apps will run on them. The Pre3, with it's 480x800 screen resolution, will automatically apply scaling to the graphical assets in your app, so you don't have to do anything. However, webOS will look in your app's directory to see if correctly-sized assets exist before doing any scaling. Your app will look better if you provide assets that are scaled to the correct screen size.
    is from here:

    So it appears they'll at least continue to function... Hopefully still be pretty.

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