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    You know, I used to think the exact same. I like the 4.3 ratio on phones.. When I switched to the arrive I wasn't sure id like it, but going from a 3.1 inch screen, even 16.9 at 3.6 is wider, and I think what palm was going for was a thinner tall phone to give more real-estate to screen to compensate for the notification area and also touch gaming is better because you don't have the controls so squesed together. Phone also is easier to hold compared to a wider iPhone. My screen is basically the same as the pre 3 will have (3.6 800 x 480) and I really like it. I wouldn't mind a 4 inch screen at this ratio though, but I now realize why 16.9 does make good sense on phones, specifically webos.
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    Perhaps it's in preparation for them putting a software keyboard on there in a future update? That would make sense to me, especially with the leaks of that slate-style webOS device.
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    my biggest problem is that vzw will take their sweet time releasing their device.
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    I think HPalm has an iPhone resolution device in prototype right now, so I'm not to worried about this (Not to mention the resolution is good enough for most high-end android devices); Only this year are there android devices that have a higher resolution than the Pre 3.
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