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    What excites me most??? Everything!!!!!!

    Auto focus Camera, front facing camera, it's thinner, has a bigger screen, faster processor, touch to share, world phone.

    I want it!!!!
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    So excited for a snappy interface. I HATE touching the screen only to have it activate a button that's not even on the screen yet.

    Bigger keyboard and better BUILD QUALITY!! No joke, I am on my 12th Pre minus.
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    Size of Display, Thinness, and the Keyboard.
    Just call me Berd.
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    I just wish it was at least comparable to performance and features of existing devices at the time. Seems that was pie-in-the-sky (again)...

    Oh yeah and while I don't care about dual core "right now"... iPad 2 and iPhone 5 multi-core tipped by iOS benchmark tool – SlashGear
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    just to get rid of this iPhone 3g i got after my Treo680 got destroyed over 2 years ago...desperately waiting for the Pre3 to come out NOW :-)
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    I am pumped at having a webOS device that isn't as under powered as the Pre minus
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    It Has WebOS

    My Pre Does EXACTLY What I Need It To Do, And Thats Why I Have A webOS Relationship.

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    Screen size, for sure. I actually wish it were a little bigger. And (hopefully) build quality. That's the biggest reason why I ditched the Pre... Gorilla Glass is nice too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RafRol View Post
    I couldn't have said that any better.
    Ditto. My Oct'09 Classic still going strong, damn near out-of-box perfect hw wise with the exception of knicks and scratches from the numerous falls it's taken. I just hit the storage limit recently so that 16gb will be nice.

    Honestly, i'd be just fine with a P2 if Sprint would let me have a legit one.

    (i'm an IT lead so "hacks" and other such "franken-x" mods are too risky for me as my phone is my lifeline to managing the systems I support. If I miss a server outage alert because my H4xor-Pre was crashing, I'd be **** when I had to answer "Why wasn't the outage handled promptly?")

    Oh, and while some claim they haven't been able to talkabout the Pre, I have, and do and have 19 "sales" to my credit (still waiting on a commission HP... :P )
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    Less and less as the wait we start to see dual core after the long discussion on why they aren't needed. The screen may be too big, battery is or may not be marginally better, it may not come to VZW after all, and by the time it finally gets here it will be last years news. Stuff's already here that were it not for the sheer fact that it's got WebOS would blow it away. Thank goodness the Veer ended up doing 4G as it was released, that's a glimmer of hope. $99 means P3 will be $159? 199?
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    the pre3 has the best keyboard i've ever tried (veer is second best).

    screen is big enough without being too big like most slab phones.

    and speed? The Pre3 was greased lightning in feb. It will be optimized and bug-fixed when shipped so it will be amazingly fast.

    and he new slider mechanism.... Wow. Fantastic design and build quality.
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    I am ecstatic! A phone without a carrier! A phone without a release date! What's there not to like!
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    Quote Originally Posted by sjaakb View Post
    A phone without a carrier!
    The land without a king!
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    3.0 that it will get
    GSM (hopefully unlockable for FIDO)
    no more TMC

    the list goes on, It will be a great phone and it will run super fast.
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    front cam

    if not for that, i can just use my pre forever

    however, if there wont be any solution for phone to computer video-chat on release, I still won't get it.

    I have enough of broken promises from this company to trust its guarantee of something coming.
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    It is a phone with WebOS that may actually work as intended.
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    I'd love to get a properly running WebOS phone, with a good build quality.
    But I think that the Pre3 is DOA. HP didn't made it in time. The Pre3 in February? YES it would've been a great Phone, but now there are many phones coming with way better tech specs in the next weeks and the Pre3 has not even a release date.

    HP better shows up with some asskicking new features or they will just fail.
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    I'm really excited I'm gonna be not able to get a Pre3 on Sprint any time soon... excited as in... grrrrrr.

    Android... here I come.
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    The bigger screen tops the list for me. I've transitioned from my Evo back to the Pre2 for a few days, and while I'm *much* happier using webOS, I do miss the screen size.

    Close behind: bigger keyboard and compass.

    EDIT: Completely forgot the AF camera. That was one of the things I liked about moving to the Evo. EdoF sucks.
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    The bigger screen is the biggest kicker for me. Sucks that it's still got that ridiculous portrait keyboard though, but hey, it would be worth it for all the good points. This is what the Pre should have been from the beginning.
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