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    Does anyone know if the Missing Sync software from markspace will work on the Pre3 new WebOS version.

    I couldn't live w/o this program as is the only software out there that can sync all of your PIM (contacts, calendar, memos) and pictures, music, music playlist with either iTunes or windows media player, ringtones and folders amongs other things to my PC.

    Chester Vargas - Palm VII, Handspring Visor, T2, T3, TX, Treo 650, 680, 750, Treo Pro ==> iPhone 3GS 32GB ==> Pre Plus at&t ==> Pixi Plus at&t ==> Pre Plus at&t
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    Good question, Chester...

    I have migrated from a Pre- to the Pre 3 and found that the 'My Computer' Account is no longer available to select as the Default Contacts account on the phone and, more significantly, the Sync fails (even after successful pairing).

    Next step - I'll contact the app vendor (Mark/Space) and will update this thread with what I hear...


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