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    so iv read all these rumors and stuff about the pre3 on sprint ... and i never post any topics on this but anyway i went to sprint like 15 min ago and want to get my gf a new phone for her upgrade so i was aking about android phones cuz she luvs that os .. anyways i asked about the evo 3d and other phones for her ... then i asked about the pre3 just to see what he says ... then he said tht they plan on getting new palm/hp products ... so i was like what u gonna get ... he said they plan on getting the tablet and he said the pre3 .. i told him about the veer and he said nope ... only the tablet as he called it and the pre3 ... i was alil surprised he said that ... then he started talking about the android phones and i left ... so i dnt know ...
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    I truly hope that is the case.
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    Me too, but I also want the Veer for my niece.
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    yeah they should make a cdma version
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    Well, whether or not he truly knows if Sprint will be getting the Pre3 or not, you have to give it to him, he is well informed. He knew that the Veer could not possibly run on Sprint due to it not being CDMA. I had one rep tell me that they'd be getting the Pre2 when I asked him about Palm products...ya, you can imagine I couldn't take anything that came out of his mouth seriously after that.
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    I was just on the phone with tech support activating an eBay pre for my wife. During one of the reboots, I asked The Question. He said there was no news about any new palm phones, but that the next big thing would be the Evo 3D. Now, two thoughts come to mind:

    1) The new EVO is already listed in their system but the Pre3 is not, maybe they won't carry it.

    2) I am an *****, because I asked about Palm phones instead of HP phones.

    Now, idea 1 is depressing, but I'll hold out hope that idea 2 eliminates that issue.
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    Pre 3 hasn't been through the FCC yet, doubt it would be in their system.
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    the veer is currently going to be released as an HSDPA+ device... so sprint would be a no go. It'd be neat if this changed.
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    This is another one of those ******** posts. I'm glad you read all of the other ones and your post doesn't do anything.
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    Hey, cool it nyczwillz. It's not like I started a new thread. You do know, you can pick and choose what you read, right?
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    yup and I started this post ... NYC .... You can choose not to read it .... Watch when sprint gets the Pre3 he's gonna be like I knew it .. He just told me there gonna get future products and named the tablet and pre 3 ...
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    I was in a Sprint store yesterday and the guy helping us had no clue what the new Hp/Palm phones were. No real surprise. But funny thing was I did some side-by-side testing of my overclocked Pixi against my daughter's new Evo Shift and the Pixi was a full second or two doing Google searches. We'd type our search and hit enter at the same time. The little Pixi just worked like a champ. I'd like the Veer, but I want to bump up to the Pre3 when/if it comes to Sprint. I'm hoping Hp has some good bundles with the phone + tablet and maybe kick in a loyalty discount for us legacy users.
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    Typically Sprint in-store employees learn about big news like that not much earlier than we do, sometimes with as little as a day's notice. Hopefully he has seen an HP/Palm rep in there and is just hoping.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LateNiteWithJme View Post
    Pre 3 hasn't been through the FCC yet, doubt it would be in their system.
    that we know of, yet fcc has been granting added nda's for carrier and manufacturers
    Palm prē-ist.
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    I've been holding off on upgrading the wife's Pixi until the P3 is released. I really like what they are touting with the "next gen touchstone" technology. Would be nice to seamlessly integrate her phone w/a tablet computing device.
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    I talked to a manager at a Sprint store last weekend. He said that there are no plans for either Palm or HP phones or tablets. We'll see...
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    Well I might as well throw my hat into the Sprint/HP ring. Last weekend my Pre minus slipped out of my hand and smashed against the pavement killing the touch screen (the phone still works but no touch screen). So I went into a Sprint repair store in Long Island NY and a guy I've known before, said that he knows Sprint is getting the 'new Pre' as he called it - but had no idea as to when it would be released. I have known this guy since I got my Pre in 2009 and he wouldn't say that if he didn't know it to be true.

    So another 2 cents....
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    So, how do you all think HP will make right by us Sprint faithful? Rubenstein did say they would do something for us...
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    Quote Originally Posted by khazoury View Post
    So, how do you all think HP will make right by us Sprint faithful? Rubenstein did say they would do something for us...
    Don't hold your breath.
    Or should I say, "Coming months."
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    For those of you on Facebook, it can't hurt to add your vote by joining this group. After all, it was a Facebook group like this that went viral and got Betty White to host Saturday Night Live for the first time!!

    Bring The HP Pre 3 to Sprint | Facebook
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