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    Just opened, in fact I was the single vote I saw just before I posted here.
    Go vote again for the Pre 3.

    Last few times the Pre, Pre Plus, and webOS beat all other phones and OS challenges...lets not make this one any different

    Smart Phone Madness 2011 Final: HP Pre 3 vs. HTC Thunderbolt

    Nokia (red phone) --> Denso TouchPoint TP2200 --> Samsung SPH-N400 --> (Palm VII) --> Sanyo 5150 --> Palm Treo 650 --> Palm Pre --> Sprint FrankenPre 2 --> (HP TouchPad)/(HP Pre 3 - Wifi) --> Galaxy Nexus (with TS mod and hopes of Open webOS!)
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    good looks, my vote is on the way...
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    Just sent in my vote, results were 29 for the Pre 3 and 9 for the Thunderbolt.
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    Just voted:

    Thunderbolt: 56
    Pre3: 136
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    Just dropped mine in.

    Thunderbolt: 80
    Pre3: 179

    Go webOS!
    Let me show you what cynicism looks like.
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    Try diplomacy first. You can always conquer them later..., read it, use it, love it, and donate to it.....
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    dropped mine in
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    done.I'm going to vote from my wife pixi and from my two computers
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    HP Pre 3: 756
    Thunderbolt: 175

    Lol....these are always hilarious. I'm glad to see that WebOS devices win at something! I bet the editors at Laptop Mag hate this.

    EDIT: excuse my dyslexia, numbers fixed.
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    I just voted from the home depot. Go palm!
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    Go Pre3!
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    I think alot of people actually like the pre and WebOS but they complain about new hardware and better specs.But I'm glad that people love WebOS.
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    Interesting how the matchup highlights the 1GHz processor for the Thunderbolt, but doesn't mention the 1.4GHz on the Pre...Hmmm.

    Just voted. Currently 1016 for the Pre to 256 for the HTC.
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    The Pre3 got my vote but only just barely. The fact that it isn't out and I have no idea what the battery life is like or the build quality bugged me. The fact that the other is a slab and android weighed against it. The 4G was interesting but not something I felt was a huge plus overall - but without hands on use of both I am really taking a leap of faith.

    I read the review of the HTC Thunderbolt first and based the vote on that vs. what we know about the Pre3 and the fact I like a keyboard based device over a slab to a degree. Had this been for a device with a landscape physical keyboard against the Pre3 I would have probably gone with the other device - assuming it was actually out and reasonable close in specs.
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    +1. Pre 3 currently up 1224 to 300.
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    Made my vote!
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    Voted! Go webos!!
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    <<edited by staff>>
    I agree that no way cares about this competition but my statements are still true.WebOS has gotten many praises but due to lack of updated hardware and specs WebOS has been over looked.
    So I'm not celebrating at all,because 1.I don't own WebOS and 2.I'm not getting any profits.
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