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    I have a pre- and a torch (my work phone, I can't get my pre to connect to the work exchange server). lets see besides the accidental touches and the crappy graphics I think the biggest problem I have with the torch is that even though the keyboard is bigger, I have a harder time typing on it because the keys are too flat....If the pre 3 keyboard is half as good as the one on the - it wins... besides me loving WebOS

    Please give me a Pre 3 on Sprint....please....
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    I dont even understand on this is a viable poll. Pre 3 isnt even released yet. If anything it should be competing against the pre 2. How can people vote for a phone that doesnt exist yet. If they wanted to use the pre 3 in competition then they should use the torch 2. That would be a good battle. Both w/ 1.4 ghz proc.
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