Will there be a clear guide for new comers to the platform in using email signature certificates to receive and read encrypted business emails?

This is a very important item for my business as there are compliance issues imposing the use of such certificates, and this must be an issue for many.

Additional subjects relate to encrypting the actual phone's content. Palm/HP literature on this exists, but does not clarify, for example, if setting a password/PIN to access the phone's functions actually encrypts the data held on the terminal. This is a genuine subject - it will define what we store on these devices, as a matter of policy.

If someone has clear information and perhaps - ideally - a guide on "how to" relating to these two matters, I am more than grateful to read up on the material. In fact, my ideal situation is finding a vendor of the Symantech or MacAfee type whom would issue certificates verified as working on WebOS 3, and phone encryption solutions for the ROM area left available for storing data on the devices.

My research shows a definite lack of a clear set of linked and articulated solution, with some muddled introduction to half hearted attempts to supply anti-virus solutions for Android and Windows Mobile 7 devices ...