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    If only the Pre3 have international language input out of the box.
    The way I see it, if HP really wants to sell Pre3 like hotcakes, they really need international language input. One of the reason iphone sells so well is because Hong Kong and other asian countries wants it. Have to say their (iphone) chinese input is second to none.

    People buys up the phone, willing to pay full price and sell it overseas where they won't have it for a while. Creating a demand higher than supply, and thus creating more hype.
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    Agree. Really can't understand why Palm only sold Pre/Pixi in only a few countries and gave up supporting other languages like Chinese, Japanese etc. when all other mobile phone manufacturers did.
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    I think they are working in the international support. The Palm Emulator in webOS 2.1 SDK shows chinese as an available language, though it doesn't work.
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