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    Take it for what its worth, I just got off the line with a Sprint "escalated" customer service rep concerning Sprint changing Premier benefits during my current contract period (I chose a higher price plan to have Premier benefits). Anyway she indicated that her life would be easier if Sprint would offer a WebOS phone but with the information she has Sprint has chosen not to pick up the Pre3. She said the purchasing people were not happy with the pricing received from HP/Palm! She said this could change, but if this information is true, it is not looking encouraging.
    That's not exactly the same, but not far off from what the Sprint rep I just got off the phone with said. I received one of the "service review" calls, said I was happy with my service, but wanted to find out what the plan was to get a replacement for the Pre that runs HP WebOS. I was basically told they don't intend to carry a new WebOS phone until HP makes a 4G phone.
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    A few questions are burning for me re: Pre 3 and TouchPad:

    1. How will we edit documents?

    2. Will (is) there a way to minimize or 'hide' the cards/stacks (without throwing them away and closing the program)?

    3. Will we get Netflix streaming?
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