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    I got a free Pre 2, so I'm good until my upgrade in December...not dying for a Pre 3 right now. However, I just have to say, HP/Palm BETTER make the launch this summer pay off. We were all hoping for something sooner, but by putting it off until the summer they better make sure they release a smooth operating device. With each WebOS device released up to this point, there's been some amount of head-scratching with why certain things are the way they are. I know that nobody can release a 100% bug free device, but I hope they have all the obvious glitches worked out (i.e. GPS, email, etc). The homebrew community and this forum are GREAT, but in some ways they shouldn't even be necessary. A good bit of what goes on is tying up WebOS's loose ends and cleaning up Palm's mess. HP has deep enough pockets and enough technical expertise to fix a lot this, especially between now and summer. The specs on the phone are good enough that if it can just work well and do everything it's supposed to do (and have the latest OS upon release), then it'll be a solid start for HP. If it is burdened with glitches and non-operational functions, then I think WebOS will be written off pretty quickly. They get a pass on the Pre 2 b/c that was obviously long in the works before HP got in the picture, but the Pre 3 is all on them to get it right...the FIRST time. No Pre 3 Plus.
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    I really hope they do get it bang on. i love webos but also love android so i will be shifting to android if pre 3 is not bang on
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