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    Is it possible that the Pre 3 and TouchPad could/would be sold in some sort of bundle? Pre 3, Touchpad, Touchstone (for both) for a nice discounted price?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rkev View Post
    Man, I would love it....but it would be hard since the phones require carrier service and some of the Touchpads will too. Maybe they can add in a HP gift card or voucher with the activation of a Pre 3, and we could choose apps or put it toward a shiny new Touchpad.
    I am not really considering a TouchPad, since I don't really have a void in my life that a tablet needs to fill. HOWEVER, I could very likely be tempted to get one along with my Pre 3 if it was some sort of bundle with a decent discount.
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    I posted in another thread that I think HP needs to sell the Pre 3 at a loss because I don't see carriers jumping to stock it at $199.99 after rebate. I think that if they make an optional bundle with the TouchPad they can make a killing. Imagine having the option to purchase the wifi TouchPad and get a free or $50 Pre 3 if you extend your contract, no matter where you are in your contract. Throw in free or reduced hotspot service on the Pre 3 and you've got a chance at selling a lot of them.

    I don't know if HP is willing to take a loss, but it sure will get a lot of Pre 3's and TP's out there for this 'ecosystem' they're so excited about.

    The TP can be a vehicle to move the Pre 3, and conversely the Pre 3 could be a vehicle to sell the TP.
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    they need to make money, but bundles are the answer, for sure. Bundle a Veer and TP with contract and highlight TTS, video calling, etc. #winning
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    I could be talked into walking out of a Verizon store on June 1st with a TP and a Pre3 for $500 total (including my $50 NE2 credit.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Suntan View Post
    I could be talked into walking out of a Verizon store on June 1st with a TP and a Pre3 for $500 total (including my $50 NE2 credit.)

    That's what I'm thinking. I don't want/need a TP, but that's not to say I couldn't be talked into one if it was a good enough deal. If nothing else, they could offer a STEEP discount on the Pre 3 with the purchase of a TP or offer the Veer for free with the purchase of a TP. Like the previous poster, I agree the Touchstone should become standard equipment. That would totally set it apart from every other cell phone/tablet. It would only make sense to try and bundle items together since they are trying to emphasize their whole ecosystem and how things work together.
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    I can see HP doing a bundle around "back to school" time, & at the end of the year during the holidays. I remember a bundle they did at Best Buy that included a desktop, laptop, & netbook for like $1,000. I'm sure they will probably do a similar bundle with a laptop, tablet & phone; or even just a tablet & phone.

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