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    Generally this sort of question has been full of disappointment. This article suggests WebOS will likely never make it here, or if it does it'll be so long away it'll be irrelevant. But a link in another thread gave some hope...

    HP's Phil McKinney says HP aims to be #1, not 3 or 4. Good luck I say if you only release to 1/3 of the world (take a leaf out of Apple here guys... two weeks from iPad 2 announcement to release...). But after a bit of digging around I found a press release relating to the TouchPad

    which includes the following buried in its depths:

    HP TouchPad is scheduled to be available in China later this year. Exact pricing and availability will be announced at a later date. Other markets in Asia Pacific are expected to follow suit subsequently

    OK this is the TouchPad, I'm mainly interested in the Pre 3 with a local app store. But Australia is part of Asia Pacific, and if the TouchPad gets here it's possible the Pre 3 will come too (hopefully by then it'll be the Pre 4 with 16 trillion colour screen, 2mm thick in choice of slab, vertical slider or candybar, all of which run for 7 days on the smell of a Lithium Ion). Whatever it is, presumably they'd need an app store for the TouchPad which hopefully means the Pre 3/4 can benefit from that too.

    If I'm not asleep by then!
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    well, the founder of WebOS Internals is in australia, so it will always be there a little.

    hopefully that will help motivate Palm to really put a lot of resources into getting an australian carrier to offer the Pre3 and beyond!
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    So, Rod has been as awesome as he's been without webOS even being in Australia?!? Whoa, he's even more awesome now!
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    he has lots of webOS, but I don't know if he can make calls with them. I assume he has at least one webOS phone he can make calls with.
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    I guess that the word officially is implicit in the question. There are certainly plenty of webOS phones operating in Australia which have been imported by the owners. I haven't heard any more than the OP about an offical presence of webOS in Australia. We can always hope.
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    Yes officially is what I mean of course. I had a Pre 2 a little while ago which I got from a local supplier, but it was international stock with no official local support, no app store etc etc.
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    are they running on an australian carrier, or are they an international carrier like at&t, etc?
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    Mine was on NextG. No issue with compatibility so long as you get the right frequencies but the paid app store is only for countries officially supported so if you NEED an app period, if it's not free you can't buy it nor even find if it exists!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    are they running on an australian carrier, or are they an international carrier like at&t, etc?
    Running on all of the Australian carriers. See this old out-of-date thread
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    I don't know if the info is accurate, but wellwellwell11 in another thread said this about the unsubsidized Pre 3:

    "HP Pre 3 is expected to launch on markets during second quarter of 2011. The expected price of HP Pre 3 is $665 in USA, $675 in Australia, and 660 CAD in Canada."

    Hope he doesn't mind me quoting him, but in case he didn't see this thread...
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    Two juicy bitsa Aussie goss in one day, what's happening?!
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    Some HP exec, I believe it was McKinney, answered a question about HP's plans with webOS a while back by simply stating that HP has a presence in every country it can legally have a presence in. I think that means HP is looking to make webOS a truly global player in ways Palm simply didn't have the resources to.

    Availability in some previously untapped markets comes to mind immediately: Asia, Oceania and Africa for instance seem to be completely white spots on the webOS map right now. I'd hope that this changes over the course of 2011.
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    I really hope it's coming here. I'm getting a Pre 2 & need to decide whether to activate it in Australia or the USA. I will use the Pre 2 for development, but would like the option of using it as my main device. I could activate it in Australia and hope that webOS comes here soon, say when the Pre 3 is released. Or I could activate it in the USA and have access to the full app catalog immediately. The problem with registering it in Australia is that I would be taking a gamble on it coming to Australia soon and the problem with registering it in the USA is that I would kick myself if the app catalog then became available in Australia. I also think that if the Pre 3 came here that I would get one, meaning that I would have to re-buy apps with an Australian profile (or I am guessing that this is the case).
    I think that I might be best off to just register here....if I have Twitter, podcasts, email and a web browser then the majority of my usage is covered. I could turn my iPhone 4 into an iPod Touch for the rest.
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    The Official HP Palm blog says that the TouchPad is coming to Australia!
    The Official HP Palm Blog: HP TouchPad: It’s a date!
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    WebOS may have been developed in the US but it's heart has always been in Australia.
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    I'm going craaaaazzzyyy finally we have word webOS is coming to OZ. I've been spruking this thing since Jan 2009. Woooo!!! webOS in Australia at last!
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    Woo Hoo, it's going to Singapore too. (then again, the Singapore Branch is managing the Aussie Market anyway)

    But damn it, What about the Pre 3? I ain't going to carry some tablet around. I just want a replacement for my Pre Plus!

    Btw, I'm down under right now.
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    Yeah, it is official about the TouchPad. I was seriously stoked to see!

    I already got an ipad 2, but I'm hoping touchpad coming means pre3 coming soon after!! Also, aussie webos store, etc etc!
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    Quote Originally Posted by gregp View Post
    (take a leaf out of Apple here guys... two weeks from iPad 2 announcement to release...)
    Seems like Apple took a leaf from HP when they announced their iterative IOS5 update which does nothing but catch up with the competition (plus Icloud) for 'fall' without giving any further details or even announcing a new Iphone, breaking their previous release cycle.

    Although they have a good reason to postpone hardware - just like any other manufacturer, they're being set back by the recent natural disaster in Japan as their japanese suppliers have had bigger worries than meeting deadlines. Other manufacturers' fans understand this. WebOS people foam at the mouth about HP having lied to them and want free phones.

    </derailing rant>

    as for Worldwide availability, HP should totally get to it. I'm not sure but there may be an issue with the direct credit card billing necessary for App Catalog access. If memory serves, you need separate contracts in every country, and these things actually cost. HP should be able to afford that cost though, and if Apple can sell everywhere, HP should be able to do it too.

    At least they're phasing in new countries. Maybe we'll see them phase in new regions every couple of months in the future. I certainly hope so.
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