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    I'm so glad there is a patch to hide it. I don't wanna a cluttered screen. If I wanted a cluttered screen, I'd get an Android device.
    ???? My Evo can have a screen completely blank if I want it to, it would just have the top bar. As a matter of face, I have one that's completely empty, haven't decided what to put there. LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by voltageROCK View Post
    Not sure if this has been discussed yet, but can someone tell me if they really need the 'Just type" reminder permanently at the top of the screen? I think by now with how long WebOS has been out that we know all you have to do is start typing to find what you are looking for, right? What is the benefit of adding this now after this long? I wonder how long it will take for someone to make a patch to remove that phrase! I'm still using the Pre- and really can't wait for the Pre 3.
    it's all about the general user experience. Sure we all know that all you have to do is start typing to get what we want, but that isn't obvious to everyone. I've even seen people who had the phone for months and didn't know universal search existed.
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