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    I am doubtful that the average Joe is over-clocking their phone on any platform. I'm doubtful they have ever heard or understand the term.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NordicMan View Post
    It sounds like you're describing "themes".. & we've had that available for a LONG time already
    This may be a topic for another thread, but I have yet to figure out how to get themes working on my Pre plus. Like the OP said, though, it would be cool to have them built in from the factory.
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    I actually like the fact that this functionality is not built into the OS. By not having tons of options for customizing the look of the OS, the OS is kept very simple. Virtually everything with webOS is open though, so customizations are still 100% possible without having the jailbreak or root the phone which voids warranties is most cases.

    I absolutely love how open webOS is. You can install themes to change the look of the UI, custom apps not through the app store, and UI changes to accommodate your device use.

    I really hope HP never changes how open Palm has made their products. It really gives the user the sense of ownership over their device.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Suntan View Post
    While I agree that most of the people already doing Preware on the phone have no idea what is going on under the hood (I don’t.) It is two completely different things to make a person load preware onto their phone with a special program and a USB connection to their computer and just giving them the default access directly in the phone as it ships from the carrier.

    In any case, preware is not the best place for this type of personal customization. I agree that color changing, etc. should be offered as a built in function, or at least a downloadable “app” from the official app store to give that functionality. Not because Preware is hard, but because changing the colors isn’t (or at least shouldn’t) be something considered as “homebrew” or hacking.

    Thank You. You see what I am talking about!
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    Lack of customization, and intense lack of changeable settings was a big point for me leaving my pre 2
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