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    Hello all. I submitted this image to webOSroundup, however it's not quite conclusive enough to confirm.

    In the 'Bikini in the Soup' episode of Bones (the Valentine's Day episode), I'm fairly certain Bones is using a Pre 3. Several of the other characters are seen using Pre Plusses during the episode, for sure. Bones however is the only one with a massively long screen.

    I'm convinced it's a Pre 3, but need the community to chime in. Take a look and leave some feedback.


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    my pre looks just like that when I hold it?

    and it appears to have the original pre button that sprint pres have and her pre had pre 3 doesn't.
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    Quote Originally Posted by geeksquadkid View Post
    my pre looks just like that when I hold it?

    and it appears to have the original pre button that sprint pres have and her pre had pre 3 doesn't.
    I'll see if I can throw up one more photo of a side view (thinner profile). Fairly certain there isn't a button, it's just slightly blurry in my photo. My vid feed is HD, I don't see a button.
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    looks larger than the pre to me.
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    The glass face of the Pre 3 goes almost to the very edge. The phone in the Bones snapshot looks like the bezel goes in deep into the face of the phone. So 'm guessing probably not.
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    The gesture area on that phone from the Bones episode has too much vertical room from screen edge to body edge. The Pre3 gesture area does not have that much wasted space (see Pre3 image below). My guess is that it's something else other than the Pre3.

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    Recently Bones has been using a Windows 7 Phone. I didn't see which phone it was in the episode though
    In a world of droid, Pre does it better.

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    it doesn't have the right border/edge around the phone.

    the buttom seems to curve out and almost looks like a nexxus S.
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    yeah upon looking closely that isn't a palm phone at all
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    This is the S.

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    Word. Maybe it's an old G1 lol jk
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    I have 3 more images at different angles, nothing definitive, with the exception that one shot definitely shows a visible seam consistent with portrait slide keyboard.

    I was going to post, but it is over the size limit & don't have time at the moment to edit the format. Besides, I didn't really want to invest this much time already. .

    I am curious though, there are no markings on the front glass, so unless they are brushed out, I don't see it being a those markings fade? Do any other phones similar in size/shape to the Pre have a large gesture-like area & a portrait slider?
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    Looks like an android phone to me :/ def not a pre/plus/3
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    it looks to big and details wrong to be Palm.

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