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    Quote Originally Posted by kuffcakes View Post
    The worst scenario is the Pre3 and an iPhone being released on the same day at Sprint stores. Imagine the line. I vote for 2 lines.
    Well 1 line is going to be ALOT smaller! lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rennat View Post
    Not for me. But it is probably because of the 12% discount I get from my work. I will be paying around $130 for my family plan were I'm paying $150 for Sprint once they update my plan with the extra $10 a month for each line..
    You have to compare plans with exact features. Verizon is always 50 plus dollars more than Sprint on a feature to feature basis. Even if you get 12 % off , it still be more.
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    I think sprint will get the pre 3 and verizon or at&t will get the veer.But remember back when the blogs (engadget,precentral)were saying the HPalm had about 5 to 6 devices so we never know what else is coming later this year.But I hope sprint does get the Pre3.I just replaced my pre- so I'm go until the summer.
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