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    I would certainly think they would never get rid of the gesture area for the phone - it's what makes webOS what it is. The really interesting thing is that a dev at the event said that even the TouchPad still had a "virtual gesture area" that could be accessed for programming (kind of a box at the bottom of the screen where you can gesture inside). If this is true, I can see Homebrew accessing this and creating some cool stuff.

    As other have said, FCC filings can be requested to be kept 'silent' and hidden from public release. I believe (from rumors) that the hardware is already in production and will be ready to be loaded once the software is finalized. But that, like everything, is just speculation.
    So, as of the filing, the brand was still "HP and Palm"?

    The search function is horrible, how would I go about searching for just HP products? Or would they still be filing under Palm?
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    They are still filing under Palm, FCC manufacturer code O8F. And no, still no filings other than the Veers. HP's FCC manufacturer code is B94, but they haven't used it since October of 2010, which was for a WiFi b/g/n expansion board (probably for a laptop). The last time B94 was used on a phone was in August of 2009, for the iPaq Glisten.
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    I hope this is just a baseless rumor that leads nowhere.

    I'm not getting the TouchPad because it doesn't have a gesture strip and I won't get any webOS phone without a gesture strip. I've tried the 'gestures on a screen', that cantaffordit keeps talking about, with an iPhone and iPad and it's definitely not the same and has some severe issues. (It's also worth noting that HP didn't replace the gesture strip for the TouchPad with onscreen gestures—they used buttons instead).
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    The way I see it, the gesture area makes all kinds of sense on a phone because it enables effortless single-handed operation. Going backwards with a thumbswipe wouldn't even work on a tablet (go pick up a magazine or your current tablet and try it).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadavis08 View Post
    umm the touchpads screen will be the gesture area lol come on man ! really .
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