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    Win 7
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    Quote Originally Posted by Titan078 View Post
    Win 7
    R u sure? how do you know? link?
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    I do not think anyone knows for sure but there were a couple of threads about it earlier today. In my quick skimming someone referenced win 7 cdma phones just passing through the FCC.
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    Confirmed the W7 HTC phone. Check the Window 7 board from the bar at the top of the page
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    webOS doesn't use hubs, which they mentioned on their Facebook page, that's a WP7 thing.

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    I think all the "Pre 3 is coming to Sprint" posts are nothing but wishful thinking. Verizon baby.

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    it will be a sprint WP7 from the description on twitter !!

    this is another sprint tweet !!

    "If you could design a brand new phone, what would it have? Ours will have a hub for gaming, music, pictures and video."

    THIS tells me that it will be a WP7 !
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    OK so in the confusion of handset upgrades changing eff 4/1 I e-mailed to confirm that I was gold and wanted to use my upgrade if/when sprint gets the Pre3. Below is the reply: Notice shes says they will have all new HP devices.....fingers crossed!

    Thank you for contacting Sprint regarding the new Sprint premier

    Effective 4/1/11, Sprint Premier Program is being updated to offer two
    levels of benefits, Sprint Premier Gold and Sprint Premier Silver, based
    on customer's MRC and tenure. You are categorize under the Sprint
    Premier Gold customer by the tenurship of 10 years. You will get all the
    Premier benefits including annual upgrade. Line #6xxx is eligible for
    the full rebate. You can purchase the handset at online price by using
    the handset upgrade eligibility on this line.

    You can purchase new handset from one of our following sales channels:

    1) Sprint Store: You can visit nearest Sprint Store for the equipment.

    You can find any store close to you by clicking on the hyperlink:

    Sprint Store Locator

    The web page reflects map directions to the store, offered services and
    timings of the store. It also reflects phone numbers of the stores.

    For your convenience, you can also fix an appointment by clicking at
    ‘Make an Appointment’ link before your visit to the store to save your
    precious time.

    2) You can view handset and order it online. Please click on the
    hyperlink to view the handsets. You just need to the zip code on the
    page and click the radio button.

    Sprint - Define Region

    The delivery time is approximately 3-5 working days.

    3) Telesales: We have a special team at Telesales. You can place the
    order by calling them. The number is (800) 777-4681. Their Hours of

    24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

    We keep launching new handsets. Currently, Sprint announced these
    handsets with HP using their webOS® 2.0:

    - ® Pre3™
    - Veer™
    - TouchPad™ tablet.
    - Window 7

    Thank you for writing to us. We value your business and appreciate the
    opportunity to answer your questions.

    Julie K.
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    Help keep WebOS homebrew alive! Donate to WebOS Internals!

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    Quote Originally Posted by thorataz View Post

    We keep launching new handsets. Currently, Sprint announced these
    handsets with HP using their webOS® 2.0:

    - ® Pre3™
    - Veer™
    - TouchPad™ tablet.
    - Window 7
    This is one of those ">LOLWUT" moments, I do believe.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kujila View Post
    This is one of those ">LOLWUT" moments, I do believe.
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    Folks, a couple of days ago i noticed at the site, under coming soon section, they put up the hp pre3 under O2 phones. Today i noticed that the veer is up too. so im a bit excited contract ending in april, can i haz veer+tablet plss:P
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    lol HP is annoincing windows 7? Lolwut :P
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    definitely not a webOS device annoucement, WP7 for sure
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    correct Im pretty sure its the annoucement of the HTC Pro 7
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    I mean this in a sincere and positive way, "as the NERD NETWORK"

    they should surprise us nerds and release both the Win7Phone and Pre3 on the same day!

    Kind of a 'hat trick' trimumverate when hooked up with the superDroidS they unvieled a few weeks ago. Kind of tripling down on 'special' technology.

    Might actually work.
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    The HP Window 7 sounds fun indeed
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