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    It feels good to be a party of this community, ive been viewing posts as a guest and decided to join up, any how I look foward to posting some good answers to questions, and questioning some good answers. I wanted to make this first post and say hello.
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    Yes, welcome aboard!

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    Hey there!

    Beware of the bridges on this forum, though. A lot of wildlife under them. Behave as if you were in a national park and DO NOT FEED them. People do it all the time, and it makes them a real nuisance.
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    Welcome! We do have a great community here, and we welcome anyone with an attitude like yours!

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    welcome! Plz try not to turn negative, we already have enough of those
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    Welcome to PreCentral! Enjoy the forums my friend.
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    Hey, welcome!! While there are a lot of people, like myself :-(, who turn negative from time to time, I will tell you there is **NOT** a better community out there! From the moderators, to forum leaders, to the devs, to the majority of members.

    Hands down the ONLY place to come and ask a question about Pre (in all its variants) and webOS! If you find a better answer somewhere else it is only because it was written by one of the above mentioned people from here!!
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    Welcome ! From time to time, you will need to throw some food down here, as I get pretty hungry. Maybe a flashlight too, as it is very dark and I am afraid of the dark. I got my asbestos underwear already, so the wildfires are no problem for me. Enjoy!
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    Make sure you buy a flame shield and fire-retardant suit. These are necessities because there are forest fires that chase out the wildlife.
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    Just call me Berd.
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    BERD !!!!!!!!!!! sing a song please !!
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    Welcome to P|C Blizzardblast, enjoy the forums.
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    Welcome to the happiest place on earth!!

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