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    A couple of months ago I published which compared my just-arrived Pre 2 with my current workhorse, the Treo 750. The upshot of that was the Pre 2 was returned and I published a wishlist of what I'd like to see in the Pre 3.

    I must admit I wasn't expecting to be reviewing this wishlist so soon in light of an actual device by that name being announced but with that knowledge I'm glad I did return the Pre 2. So how does the 3 stack up?

    What would I like to see in the Pre 3?

    * Physically larger device to accommodate larger and higher-res screen

    Well we got that one with bells on! 3.6" at 480x800 is a huge step up from the Pre 2's 3.1" at 320x480. +1!

    * Global App Catalog

    No word on this so far that I've heard but HP TouchPad, Pre 3, Veer likely to never be seen in Australia - webOS, tablets, smartphones, Palm Pre, Palm, hp touchpad, HP-Palm acquisition, HP - PC World Australia suggests it's going to be a long time (if ever) for it to make it Down Under. If HP's current focus is regions which already have WebOS, I doubt they'll see any point in lifting the restrictions on the app catalog. To be fair I'll give this a 0 as I don't know for sure but my gut feeling is a -1.

    * Out of the box office document editing (QuickOffice)

    I must admit I had high hopes when I read the TouchPad has the full editing version. However HP's press release HP Pre3 Introduces the New Look of Business for the 24-hour Life has left me disappointed:
    "Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite HP is working with Quickoffice to include the Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite, which offers support for viewing Microsoft Office Word and Excel and provides integration with a variety of services, including Google Docs and" Viewing?? Pardon me? What business professional wants to just view documents? Big -1 if that's what it ships with.

    * Out of the box desktop sync

    No word on this so I'd have to presume it's not going to happen. I guess I'd live with this, but as far as the wishlist goes, -1.

    * microSD card slot

    Again, nothing to show this has happened. I'm also surprised the Pre 2 came in a 16Gb model but the Pre 3 adds the option for a 8Gb. How many do they expect to sell with LESS memory than the old model? -1

    * Standard miniUSB port connector

    OK I'm happy to waive this one in the light of info that the current format IS going to become standard. 0

    * Better battery life (+30% would do it for me)

    Tricky one. Battery capacity is up from 1150 to 1230mAh which by my calculations is a ~7% increase in capacity. On that alone I can't imagine battery life has been improved by that much, especially driving a larger screen. One of the video clips I saw from the launch had the HP rep saying they were aiming for on par battery life with previous models (which by user reports is well below par for what most people want). It may be they've made power efficiencies in other areas to give us a good 24 hours out of this battery so officially I'll have to reserve judgement until real-life testing, but my gut feeling is there's going to be minimal improvement.

    * A much wider suite of applications (said with the caveat that I don't know everything that's available yet)

    I've read some wise words about the chicken / egg scenario with apps for new platforms - developers don't want to write apps for platforms with a small user base, and users don't want to take on a platform with minimal app support. The solution posed in many quarters is for HP to pay developers to write apps for WebOS until a critical mass userbase is reached; however I've thus far read nothing from HP to suggest this is going to happen meaning the apps are likely to continue to grow at a slower rate than iOS and Android, behind which they already well lag. I.e. there's a big gap and from all appearances it's going to get bigger. I'll be generous and give this a 0 rather than a -1.

    So on scores alone the Pre 3 gets a -2, however this could easily have been a -5. Really the only improvement the Pre 3 gets is a bigger screen; everything else on my list was either definitely omitted or likely omitted but unconfirmed.

    One thing I didn't add to my list was the typing-in-a-shoebox feel of the Pre 2. The Pre 3 looks to be a definite improvement in that regard with a more rounded edge to the slider, slightly more spaced keys and apparently a better feel.

    So would I get one? Well despite it scoring a -2-5 I'm more inclined to go for this device than the Pre 2 (which on the same card scored a -6 remember). Of course I could be waiting an awful long time for an official APAC model to become available meaning if I wanted one I may have to do an ugly US activation to get the app catalog.

    Or just hope the Pre 4 addresses a few more of these!
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    Pre 4 will address more of these issues, Jon already said that they are a year behind due to the fact they had problems last year, I also hope they come out with slab 4".
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    yeah the pre 4 will really wow the tech world summer 2012
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    If they keep using the name "Pre" I'm jumping ship and getting a Razr
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    ha !
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Joek71, I'm curious as to what of that list it will address...?

    If they were really on the ball they'd get the Pre 3 out by the end of the month, give it six months of prime time then announce the Pre 4 October 2011 and have it on the shelves mid November (in time for Christmas 2011).

    Oh, and take a leaf out of Apple's books and pump it out worldwide rather than just the US. How many sales are they missing out on by skipping Asia and Oceania? They'll never win the battle if they leave major fronts unmanned.
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