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    If Pre 3 screen is wider than the Pre 2 (and perhaps the same width as the iPhone), they could eventually include a virtual keyboard on it when they update the webOS on it to 3.x (which jon mentioned they would do in the engadget interview)

    That would give the best of both worlds - An onscreen keyboard when you need to jab something quick and the physical keyboard for longer messages.

    Anyone know the screen dimensions of the Pre 3? That would give an indiction of whether or not they will include an onscreen keyboard in a future OS update.

    Here are the dimensions I do know:

    iPhone: 2.91 x 1.94
    Original Palm Pre: 2.58 x 1.72 (to narrow for a virtual keyboard)
    Pre 3: ?
    Rishi O.
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    I would love to see the My Home Keyboard on the Pre3

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