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    Verizon likes to overprice their handsets (retail price). Their Pre+ was $599 when AT&T had it at $399. I expected their Pre2 to be $599 but HP has it at $449 which is pretty reasonable especially for a 1ghz phone.

    Do you expect the Pre3 will be $599+ like other smartphones today or for to HPalm continue this $400ish pricing through their website? I think keeping things on the cheap side is smart.
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    The Pre through VZW will be 99.00 after contract, thats expensive?

    Not contract yeah expect the pricetage to be HUGE through carriers to get you on a contract. Through HP the Pre 2 unbranded is 449. Maybe 499 for the unbranded Pre3.
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    The Pre trhough VZW will be 99.00 after contract, thats expensive?
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    Pre2 pricing is more consistent with its competitors, mid-line smartphones. HP can't charge normal price for the device because nobody would actually buy it. I know I wouldn't.

    The Pre3 will almost definitely be $199 under contract. With Verizon pricing (their early termination fees are WAY higher than others), the Pre3 will probably retail at the $549-599 range off contract.
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    I believe the Pre3 would retail at $499.99 (8gb) and $549.99 (16gb) off contract. With contract, you're look at $199.99 and $249.99 respectively.

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