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    Prolly gonna have to agree. That was lame. And annoying.
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    I do wonder how that would look

    kind of like the ups how to get a box commercial, but I guess they aren't really mocking themselves

    there are a lot of angles they can take, but as posted by a user already, it has to be simple. To the point. ***** proof

    Quote Originally Posted by cardfan View Post
    I think they need to mock themselves. Picture a boardroom of suits and ties bemoaning the fact they need something cool to sell but in the background execs are Tapping to Share or other webOS features and it just dawns on them.

    In other words, be HP.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    good for HP branding, but it won't sell phones unless they run phone-specific ads in the same campaign.
    I think they are selling HP right now. They don't want to sell phones when they don't have phones to sell.
    Quote Originally Posted by meir602 View Post
    Did you catch the phrase:

    "...Everybody Sprint..."

    I don't think so. Watch it again, they showed the Pre minus, said Sprint. They also had orange clock hands and orange water/ ATT? I am watching it again to see if I can get something that might be "Verizon" but I think they were hinting at multiple carriers.

    I liked the ad. I think they need ad's like this and ad's more up beat. HP can market their products, we need not fear any more of that scary lady ... oh god! :P lol
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    The Engadget interview w/Rubinstein & McArthur said to look to the Grammys for a big advertising push.
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    Quote Originally Posted by IcerC View Post
    Ok then. It's a BAD promo video. Better?
    Considering that only a few people are going to see it, it's just fine. I think the lot of you are acting like petulant children.
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    visually good...terrrrrible vocals!!
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    not too bad, but also oddly generic. the only thing the average viewer/consumer will remember is the terrible and annoying voice and something something with computers something...
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    That was really boring. They showed too many smiling people than they did of devices. There was barely any hint of how webOS works. The question in the general consumer's mind now is "What the heck is a webOS?"
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    The word "sprint" is in there solely as a word that rhymes with "print."

    Here are some copy pasta from a rhyming dictionary website: clint, dint, flint, flynt, glint, hint, kindt, kint, klindt, klint, lint, mint, quint, rindt, schwindt, sindt, splint, squint, stint, swint, tint, vint, windt, wint

    Any suggestions?

    Everybody steel, everybody flint.
    You can start a fire.
    You can even print.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Psychonaut View Post
    The word "sprint" is in there solely as a word that rhymes with "print."
    But they also showed the Sprint's Pre around the same time. Plus, like I pointed out, they also alluded to ATT with the orange colored water and hands on the clock also being orange.
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    Quote Originally Posted by joek71 View Post
    I liked it, thought it was way better then that lady we had before.
    Modernista's concept had problems, but the execution was great. The execution is terrible in this ad; the concept isn't much better.

    If HP wants to be seen as cool, it shouldn't be talking about how it's "the largest provider of Instant-On enterprise solutions" (the odd capitalization is HP's).
    "Visits? Well that would indicate visitors."
    "Future events such as these will affect you in the future."
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    Y'all need to realize that "Everybody On" is not a campaign advertising any single product - it's an image campaign for the company itself.

    Expect to see actual product advertising when the products arrive. And they were looking for hand models, weren't they... for you lot that wants HP to rip off Apple ads (probably in order to complain about how HP only ripped off Apple)
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    I don't particularly like this ad for anything. I see that the goal is obviously to make HP more personal and show it as something that provides value into your life in an emotional way but I think it could have been executed better - especially the voice over.

    It's a nice first step to making HP something people care about instead of two letters on a box of stuff we buy. I think it would have been better to go with something exciting and fun rather than so slow and dragging.

    I hope the ones for the Pre itself are better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by astraith View Post
    But they also showed the Sprint's Pre around the same time. Plus, like I pointed out, they also alluded to ATT with the orange colored water and hands on the clock also being orange.

    What you're describing would require someone putting a lot of thought into it. I'm not sure that's what we're seeing here, but you could be right. Heh.
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    It's not terrible. It's not great.

    Typical big corp mood piece.
    Pre -> Pre3 & TP32 -> Nexus 5
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    After seeing that ad, all I can say is bring back the creepy lady.
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    They need BETTER MUSIC. It's a good ad with terrible music...I hope it's just a test advertisement and the REAL ONE has more exciting music......
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    Seems I have more to say after all.

    My previous post was just a snarky, first reaction. Allow me to be more specific:

    1. HP is trying to rebrand themselves as connected and cool. Yet, after all the effort with the baby and little kid, they ruin it by talking about their corporate cred at the end. That was completely unnecessary, as that is what people think of HP anyway. As much as they want you to think they're cool, they cant help but show their true colors in the end. Their message is confused.

    2. Their product messaging is confused. Are they pushing WebOS, Windows, or Android? All? Pre-? Slate? Are they equally proud of all these products? Do they want to be identified with all these products? Really?

    3. Similar to No. 1, HP is not cool. They come off as an old guy trying to make the kids think he's cool. HP probably believes that is a rap song. They must think Everybody On drugs. They believe this is cool like Apple. It is not even cool like IBM. That is obvious to everyone except them.

    The PC crew livebloged this ad and said it was lame. After seeing it for myself, I believe they were being kind. I am embarrassed for HP.
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    Uh, is that the Can I Kick It beat?

    This is much better if you imagine Mike Skinner's accent over it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by finngirl View Post
    That looked pretty good, to me. I think its a nice branding effort.

    One thing that didn't look good to me - and it was barely a second - was at about 1 min. when they showed the woman working on a laptop standing up: working on a laptop when you are standing IS awkward. That's why we like slates and tablets.

    But thats a very minor point in what I thought was a pretty good commercial.
    OK, gotta be fair here, she was in a data center. A few years back, we rolled carts around those rooms with monitors and keyboards, usually with a PC tucked underneath in case we needed it. Laptops became standard fare in a data center a long time ago.
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