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    YaY, 100000000000000000000000000+
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    I tentatively want the Pre3, but I'll be looking HARD at the competition if the apps aren't there and the developers abandon webOS over the intentional shaft HP has given to them.
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    I really want the Pre3 but the wait really S*cks!!!
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    i want the pre^3
    i want the touchpad
    i love webos
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    +1 (if on Sprint)
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    Absolutely. I want it on Sprint, because I don't want to have to move to another carrier when my original Pre dies. Poor little bugger. Maybe I could just get (another) one on eBay....

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    Ok I admit that I couldn't take waiting anymore so I ordered a refurbished Palm Pre Plus with a clean ESN/MEID number so I can get rid of this piece of !#$@ Blackberry Curve 8530 replacement phone, (my original Pre took a dive into a body of water). My Verizon upgrade arrives next month but I will hold out for the Pre 3 and have my Plus as a backup. Can't wait till it arrives so I can homebrew in the goodness!
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    I def want the pre3!! Ppl are complaining about nothing.It has a bigger screen,better resolution,two cameras,flash,more memory and Ram(I think more Ram)Bigger battery,WebOS,WebOS 2.+,1.4ghz!!! HD video(although I wish it was 1080p but still has some form of it.)

    Now aside from everything I said.The only problem I have is the launch time frame,no hdmi out but not a really big deal,and no 1080p video.But like I said are minor things to weigh against what is already has.

    I want it now!!!
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    I'll be on the list to purchase one of these hot phones too.
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    Count me in!! (Sprint!!)
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