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    I'm glad I found a happy spot on Precentral. The mood seems so dark lately.

    Add me in for Pre 3 and Touchpad. A Pre with a screen a bit bigger than the iPhone's? Yeah!
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    i though the pre3's screen was the same size ?? but even if , i like it alot !!
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    No, the Pre 3's screen is just a wee bit bigger than the iPhone's at 3.6" as opposed to Apple's 3.5".

    I'm in a camp that has already been mentioned: I want the Pre 3, my girlfriend wants the Veer. Although neither of us is even nearing contract expiration.

    We'd probably get them, too, if HP only let us. And buy a TouchPad, completely breaking the bank.

    Our bank account is happy that HP is taking its time a little. It'd be even happier if HP was really giving us a special incentive to stick with it despite their (apparently) broken promise to update our Pre and Pixi Plus to 2.x.
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    Definitely want the Pre3 and Touchpad.
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    Man I was so afraid they were gonna drop the keyboard and release a slate, now if only this were a 4" screen with expandable memory...
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    Quote Originally Posted by OldSkoolVWLover View Post
    If it isn't in the software by launch, I would guess we will see one hacked on. If they could do it on a Pre -, I am sure someone will be able to get a near factory like version on a Pre 3.
    The homebrew community did a great job, starting from the symbols keys, but ultimately failed to make it work reliably with the browser, which is the main reason I would want a landscape kb.

    But is was not their fault, something to do with the code, and you would think palm would have helped them out in one of the many upgrades. Any way I hear there is one hidden in the pre2 so maybe a stable version can be done. Lets all not forget to donate, with all this anxiety going on.
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    please oh please bring the pre3 to sprint. It will be my next phone if it happens.
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    Like many of us that have multiple Pres on one account, we cannot upgrade until the summer anyways, so count us in for multiple Pre3s and Touchpads.
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    Sign me up for a Pre3! and a touchpad to go along with it!!
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    I'll be getting the Pre 3... Deployed right now anyways so the wait's not as bad
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    The Pre3 will be upgradable to webOS 3.0? That's not how HP rolls.
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    I want it bad too. But I will only buy if it has LTE.
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    I have an iPhone 4...and I do actually really like it....but I have had many Palm OS devices in the past and want to experience webOS. The only reason I haven't thus far is that it has not officially been sold in Australia. This year will be different though....I am going to get one if it available or not. I will import an unlocked one...this means paying full-price, but so be it. I will get a free iPhone 5 on contract in Australia and pay to import my Pre. I will still be able to use the 1,408 apps (no joke) that I have for the iPhone & iPad....but I will be happy to have complete control of my Pre.

    However, I was planning on getting a Pre 2...I was all set to get it....and now I am tempted to wait for the Pre 3, but it's painful to now think I won't have it for months longer.
    If it is available from HP in Austalia (none of the webOS devices have been thus far) then I will buy from them, otherwise I will import (expecting to have to do this).

    The main decision that I have at the moment though is whether to get the Pre 2 now or wait for the Pre 3. The Pre 3 would be a better upgrade to the iPhone, but can I wait is the question.
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    I took one look at the Qualcomm 1.4 ghz processor and knew this has a great chance of finally having the horsepower WebOS really needs to run well under extremely heavy use.

    Yep, Pre 3 for me, too;make this a true Quad band world phone, so T-Mobile's 3G will work on it as well!

    (there are lots of T-Mobile users who really would love the WebOS experience with all its 3G glory)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Krab19 View Post
    Sign me up for a Pre3! and a touchpad to go along with it!!
    +1, maybe +2 if my FiancÚ (will be wife by release time) wants in on the goodies!
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    Yes, I want a Pre 3, but the time it will be on the market and the time we're waiting to have a carrier for the Pre 3, all the competition will be way ahead of the Pre 3!!

    Am I negative? I think I am realistic!! Late Summer for you is about September for me!!

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    PS: sorry for the bad english, it's not my native language
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    The new HP Pre 3 for me - bye, bye rotten Apple.
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    I can upgrade NOW and my Pre + is cracked and missing a chunk of plastic around the USB port. I don't know if I can hold out till summer and want the Pre 3 in the worse way. I was going to get the Pre 2 on the 17th when its released on VZW but since I saw the 3 . . . . grrrrr. Frustrating. lol


    PS: I love the positive thread. Its got to be killing the whiners there are people actually happy about the 3.
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    Yep.... I'm in if it's Sprint.
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    I will be buying at least 1 Pre 3 if it is released on Sprint. I might even switch to a different carrier. I would have accepted a "slab" device but am so much happier there is a portrait keyboard.
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