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    Sign me up for a Pre3 as well I just wonder who/when will carry it first in Canada? Bell is the only Pre #1 carrier, Rogers got the Pre #2 at this time,, I just hope whomever carries #3 will do it justice & advertise it loudly!
    I'll pass on the Touchpad though.. It looks great, but I'm waiting for the 7" model
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    I want the Pre3 and a Veer for my wife. Would be nice if we could share a TouchPad too. Sprint would be preferable, but I'd go to Verizon to get it. Not AT&T or T-Mobile though.
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    I want a Pre3 too but it might be 6 to 9 months before we see it... I'm grabbing a Pre 2 for now. I've seen the Pre 2 and to be honest, it's pretty sick. Who knows how long it will take before Verizon gets the Pre3???
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    I want one too! Just don't want to wait till "summer" to get it . That and not knowing if Sprint will carry it are my main gripes with HP. Bummed about 2.x on my pre -, especially since I can't get the 3 yet, too.
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    Yep, I want the Pre3 and my wife wants the Veer. Bring it HP!
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    Smartphones are like adult toys! It's the best gadget lust there is and the Pre 3 is very lusty! hehe...
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    I'll be there on launch day to get me one.
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    I've seen and touched a Pre 3 and it is like a dream come true! Everything... yes everything that I wanted on a Pre is there! Can't wait...
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    if it's on Sprint I want/will buy one gladly!
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    I'm buying a Pre3 regardless of carrier. Sprint's been grinding my gears for months so I don't feel I owe them any loyalty.. if they don't get the Pre3, I'll jump ship.
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    Palm guy heeds to become the sprint guy!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaurav View Post
    All the negativity around here is boring. I saw the next smartphone I want and it's the PRE 3!! Its solid specs, great webos experience, future software upgrabeable (to webos 3.0 etc) and hopefully available on Sprint sooooooooon!
    i would love to be able to get a pre3. the problem is that it doesn't look like its coming to sprint and even if it was it wont be another 4-6 months before it's released. and that is what the majority of us are upset about.
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    I'd be happy with the Pre 2 but I'll take a 3 .....we'll just have to see what the difference in price is on both as well as which carrier is going to carry them.
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    I want a Pre3 right now but I don't know if I'll want one this summer.

    Pre3 is really cool though.
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    The Pre3 is exactly what I wanted (HP/Palm reading my mind?), so I will be getting one. Of course I'll need a TouchPad to go with it. ;-)
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    si i want it.

    i laughed at the thread tittle.

    and that lady in the pic is probably a grand mother now.
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    Absolutely. I can upgrade in July so hopefully it'll be on Verizon then. But definitely a Pre 3 for my next phone. (I'll miss my little Pixi Plus though.....)
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    There is no spoon
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    I want a one asap. My wife wants the veer. Hopefully they will release a veer on sprint in due time.
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    I am out the door getting my camping gear to camp out in front of Sprint. :-)
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