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    I have searched all over and have had no luck finding a spec sheet or a comment saying that the pre 3 has Gorilla Glass. I know the Pre 2 and Veer have it, but judging by the posted Images it appears to not be glass to me. Does anyone know otherwise?
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    I was wondering the same thing. I wrote it off as "it has too, why would they not put it on there".

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    Its glass...gorilla glass is really over hyped...i've seen gorilla glass crack just as easily as normal glass.
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    I think you'd see a LOT of moaning and groaning if the Pre 3 went back to plastic. Gorilla Glass is no longer an upgrade or anything to brag about so it's not surprising to see it omitted from specs.
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    Gorilla glass it is, crack as well it will. Crazy you are if different results you seek.

    Scratch it won't, but drop it you will, and the full power of the dark side of glass screens you will see.
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    Pre 3 has gorilla glass - confirmed in the dev event.
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    Monkey glass.......if it was gorilla glass it would be a little tougher but thicker. Monkey glass is much more agile as well.
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    Gorilla glass is good but Dragon Glass is way better... What's Stronger Than Gorilla Glass? "Dragon" Glass - Mobiledia

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