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    I am really surprised of everyones bickering about the Pre3. First and foremost most of the people flaming the phone will prob be the first to get it. Second for those that still have the pre and are <<complaining (mod edit)>> about the pre 3 coming out in summer, are prob still going to hold onto your pres to get the pre3. Listen i understand the bs that is palm/hp in that for a phone to have such a loyal following to wait 2 years until a new updated version is unheard of in todays time. A new android phone comes out every other month, so whats great about that. I wonder how many people are still walking around with a G1 or an original iphone. I doubt that number is no way as high as those that are using the sprint pre. I am on sprint and personally i guess i am SOL, and will wait the months until summer. The pre is by far the best smartphone out there, the only cons it has is development backing as well as the outdated tech. What android phone that is out on sprint can compare to the multitasking abilities of the pre as well as the gui? The evo is a nice phone, with cool things, but it just cant multitask or have a great synergy system. So therefore i end this post with the hope that it comes to sprint and hopefully shortly since my pre is growing kind of old
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    I remember when I got in line at 6am waiting for the phone. 2 years later there wont be a line to wait in. Have you ever used an Evo? Its a beast i can do everything i can do on my computer. Multi tasking is not fast but its there and gets the job done. IMO WebOS needs more apps to be on the level of these others Os's. I do hope it goes to sprint for the original users.
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    I'll probably get a Pre3 as well. I hope they offer one unlocked.
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    I want this on Sprint too. I had the original Pre and then switched to the EVO but I miss the WebOs and the multitasking ( true multitasking guys) that the pre offers. I also miss the camera so much. Now that the Pre3 has the front facing vga camera and the 5mp auto focus on the back with a 1.4ghz of pure love im in love once again lol. Also the beta of the Adobe Flash Player 10.1 is a selling point for me! I think the most important thing would be the battery performance for me. the battery on the EVO sucks worse than the one I had in my original Pre.
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    Good for you. One good thing is that you really don't need to be in line to get Pre 3 when it releases to the public. Just walk right in, and ask for Pre 3. And walk out, and wait for HP to fix any bug on the system or ask Pre community to make a patch. And you can start blaming sales person at the Verizon store for lack of sales on Pre 3.
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    My wife and I will both be getting the Pre 3. I left for an EVO (my wife is still using a launch-day Pre), and while it does some really nice stuff, I'm SICK AND TIRED of touchscreen typing. I don't care what anybody says, <<mod delete>> I'm also tired of the weak notification system, separate inboxes, "multitasking" that puts me back some place where I wasn't when I return to an application I was using, cut and paste that only works in certain places, not being able to move events between calendars, and not being able to move contacts between accounts. But mostly, it's the on screen keyboard.

    The things I will miss are widgets, the awesome version of Google Maps on Android, and the kickstand. Not worth staying.
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    If this comes to Sprint in June, I will get it but if it's September or so, I will probably be on to something else. In the end it's up to HP and to a lesser degree Sprint. I don't have much hope for either but I'm not changing carriers for a webos phone. I also think Sprint might have jumped the shark with that crappy dual screen phone. It will be a repeat of the Pre release again and may be their last gulp of air before eventually failing.
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    I'm not convinced there will be a line to get in. If there is a line I think it will be short, you wouldn't have to get up early which would be a plus.
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    Yup, I'll get the Pre3 as soon as it is available on Sprint. I can't change until June anyway, so hopefully by then it will be announced it is coming to Sprint. I still like this dang phone and with the additional speed, more storage, better camera, bigger screen, and slightly larger keyboard....I'm psyched about it. If it appears it won't come to Sprint, well, I'll wait a month or two and decide which carrier I'll switch to. Don't make me do that Sprint!
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