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    dont forget that apple is giving updates to all devices. Stay uptodate and buy apps.

    HP is changing the coding_language every few months and wants the developers to adopt, but than again they kill all users, because they can even use the updated apps. Upgrade or die...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Suntan View Post
    I think there is an important distinction. That HP is focusing on the tablet *right now.* Like it or not, as CES showed us this year is the year of the tablet in the consumer tech industry. As such, HP has to push their tablet to even get it noticed. But that isnít to say that they are *only* concentrating on tablets.

    I think they did a pretty good job of expressing that, long term, what they are really pushing to differentiate themselves from the run-of-the-mill cell phone makers (and even Apple) is the desire to integrate tablets, phones, PCs, etc. together. After the touchpad ships, I think you will see them focus on that most of all.

    4 months from now, if/when everyone can get their hands on the pre3 and a touchpad (Iíll be happy) but the proof about HPs commitment to this market will be in seeing what new handsets they announce. If all they have is pre3 and the veer (or whatever that little one is called) then yes, the haters can claim that HP is this or that. If they are announcing some 4.5Ē+ slab and maybe a landscape slider, then it would be pretty apparent how dedicated they are to the phone market.

    I agree.

    Quote Originally Posted by errbin View Post
    I agree HP could really blow Apple out of the water IF they tried

    I was disappointed yeasterday but after looking at the Pre 3 it's a sweet phone
    I will get it IF it comes to Sprint (I'm not leaving Sprint.. I can't deal
    with Verzion again and AT&T has zero signal where I live)

    you can get on here cry about it not haven't a dual core processor
    or what ever but I bet IF they would put the same specs into a phone with a landscape keyboard and called the HP C40 people would be crazy about it

    this HP first smartphone and they played it safe
    and made it look like the same phone people have been carrying around
    for a couple of years is the ONLY problem
    I think a lot of people were disappointed but once you get over what you thought would happen and seen what did you'll begin to enjoy the Pre 3 (most, anyway). Because most WebOS users want a more powerful phone with a larger screen. And thats what we got, really.

    And again, there are more devices in the works. In March I'd like to see what is announced. If a 4 inch dual core phone that has no keyboard and people are still disappointed, then I don't know what people expect.

    Anyway, I want the Pre 3. Lets get it for Sprint.
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    It took Apple long time to get where they are now, everyone forgot when iPhone just came out and what people were saying. It will take some time for HP to even get 50% close to Apple, they have to play there cards right and have good push and listen to there customers and see what we the people want, and try to deliver these new products.
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