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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    summer arrives here in about 3 weeks...
    Are you sure about that? lol

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    The problem is that it could. It might also not mean three months. It could mean August.

    If its three months, then no, there isn't a huge, gigantic problem. But still, why can't HP (largest PC manufacturer in the world) put some pressure on the supply lines, and get these out by Spring? Especially the TouchPad. The phones have to jump through the hoop called carriers, but the TouchPad WiFi should come out and 'wow' everybody.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bennish View Post
    By the calendar, it'd be the 1st of June, regardless of when the 'season' actually starts.
    What calendar are you using?
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    Don't worry guys I heard that the Pre 3 will be coming out "in the coming months"
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    depends on what the ground hog sees or what a fool believes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by strykr View Post
    Why is everyone pooping their diapers because of this? just sayin
    Okay, notice how they said "Early Spring" for the Veer and only "This Summer" for the Pre 3.
    So have fun waiting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tooearly View Post
    ltm, having dev access isn't a superior position, ANYONE (literally) can get into the early access program. So instead, why don't you apply for it and you can see what news is on there.

    Plus it's always good to see what news Palm has directly from their forums.
    I hope your right. I just applied because ive been studying coding and want to mess arround with 2.0 and enyo so i can start the design phase of my app and eventually the coding phase. Cant even do a proper mock design and know what i can and cant do, without the proper tools. I have some nice apps i have been wanting to work on. As someone said earlier, who would really want to develop for mojo now? My apps will all be designed on enyo so they scale on both. Not trying to learn mojo then enyo. Id rather just learn and mess with the new system. I am stocked about seeing things i design come to life and even if all the faithfull leave, i think, atleast as far as tablets go, webos will be big. I like the pre 3 but others may not who knows. Android really hasnt had competition aside from apple which has made slabs all the rage. Anyway i legitimately want to be in the early access program to learn the new tools and have time to develop and plan my apps so they are ready by launch.
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