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    I was really questioning why HP wouldn't immediately rush out the Pre3 (or delay this annoucement until Mobile World Congress) when I got a Sprint email reminding me about the April 1st change to Premier and it got me thinking....

    Sprint users probably make up half the US WebOS market. Those who were unhappy with the original Pre probably swapped phones out immediately or at the 1-year point via Premier. The people who liked WebOS held out, hoping for a Plus or Pre2 on Sprint. At this point, most of us are closer to the 22 month renewal date than the 12 month Premier date.

    We can decide to exercise Premier one last time, if we get a handset from Sprint in the next 2 months. Oh, and we start getting dinged by the $10 smartphone surcharge. Which will renew us for 2 years and has us stuck with that phone for 22 months. It's worse if you've got multiple lines because the person who doesn't get this upgrade will wind up with a 3yro phone.

    OR.....wait to see the entire crop of new phones, including what shows up at MWC. HPs betting that they can release it in June and the WebOS crowd will still be there, trapped by Sprint.

    I know I had already decided to wait until July to get the multi-line upgrade, if for no other reason than to have a backup phone for my wife, and I seriously think that HP made the cold blooded decision to take advantage of that fiscal trap.
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    well think of this also, they say they found embedded code for the pre3 hinted towards ATT and Vz, but nothing for sprint. u can get an unlocked GSM pre2 through HP that will work on any GSM network, the pre2 preorder began today through VZ, yet no pre2 towards sprint. that leaves only 1 of the 3 major networks to NOT have ANY device, especially now since they revealed all older devices(pre+ -, pixi+ -) will NOT be getting webos 2.x, to now have any device with any newer version of webos 2.x on their handsets...sprint. i feel something will be revealed either at MWC or within the next month how they r starting a new partnership with sprint for the first few months of the product life and will give them something 4g, cuz it would only make sense since sprint spent the most money on pushing the pre. however this is all speculation, but at the same time in my mind, it kind of all makes sense to do...

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