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    Forgot swipe texting too.
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    A GPU that is utilized for hardware acceleration.
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    I'm a dual webOS/Android user, and the things I miss from Android are almost all Google apps: Gmail, Google Reader, Google Voice, (decent) Google Maps... some have webOS alternatives but they're not up to the level of quality of Google's.

    Other things are more architectural, like the recovery mode (basically a slimmed-down OS that you can launch to do low-level changes to the main OS, such as making full backup images and changing system files that are normally write-protected).
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    I haven't read all posts so maybe this has been mentioned already.
    I'd like to have DLNA/UPnP built-in, like the N900. Speaking of this beast of a smartphone, it has a lot of things that I'd like to have in the Pre3: FM-Transmitter, TV-Out, IR, Skype video call, more storage, microSD... not all necessery, but nice to have when needed.
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