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    Alright, so we had three "mock up" winners.

    Pre HD - 4 MP front camera, 7 MP rear with 720p recording, 3.8 inch screen, AMOLED, 1 Ghz single core, 512 RAM, 32 GB internal, SD card slot, Micro-HDMI, no 4G reference, portrait slider

    Palm Superior - 4 inch display, IPS screen, 4G world phone, 10 megapixel back cam, 5 megapixel front cam, 1080p recording, 1 Ghz Dual Core, 2 GB RAM, 32-62 gigs memory, Micro SD, portrait slider

    Palm Pre 2 [mockup] - 3.5" display, 640x960 res, 8MP Camera with 720p recording, 1.3 front facing cam, 2 microphones, 32 internal gigs, 1 Ghz CPU, 1 Gig RAM, mini-hdmi out, portrait slider, no 4g reference

    Pre 3 [actual] - 3.6" screen, 480 x 800 res, 1.4 Ghz proc, 5 MP rear cam with 720p, 1.3 front facing vga cam (I believe?), 512 RAM, 1.4 Ghz Processor, portrait slider, not 4g but a world phone

    Okay, so how does this stack up with the mockup contest. Note, some of the requests are either EXTREMELY rare in a phone or completely and utterly non-existent at this time (such as twice the amount of RAM that the smartphone with the most RAM has now)

    Its got a bigger screen by a tad than the mock Palm Pre 2, a tad smaller than the Pre HD, and significantly smaller than the Superior.

    Its got worse resolution than any of them (with the mock Pre 2 closest), but all the rest wouldn't be able to work with Enyo.

    It has a lower mega pixel back camera than was desired (With the Superior wanting something that's relatively unrealistic in the mass market) but has the HD capabilities of the HD and the mock Pre 2.

    Its got a front facing camera though lower than what is on these three. Closest to the mock Pre 2. The other two are unrealistic desires, I can't think of any phone off the top of my head with anywhere close to a 5 MP front camera.

    Its got RAM equal to the winning HD, half of the mock Pre 2 which is the same as only one phone announced the us far with 1gig. The Superior wants something that no phone is even nearing yet with 2gigs.

    Its the same form factor as the Superior and the mock Pre 2.

    Its got a faster processor than the HD or the mock Pre 2, but falls behind the Superior since its dual core.

    Its missing 4g putting it out of place with the Superior, but it is a world phone putting it above the HD and the mock Pre 2.

    It doesn't have an hdmi-out or an SD card, putting it behind those on that.

    So strangely for all the hate that the Pre3 is seems relatively along the lines of what people were expecting and hoping as the new device. Indeed, its funny seeing someone screaming about the Pre3 in another thread and saying how they are going to forward the device mockups to HP...when the Pre3 isn't too far off the mockups where the mockups are actually realistic.
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    I was thinking about this earlier. When they came out with the specs and pics of the Preł I was like "Cool. It's just like those nifty renders that people were coming out with."

    And then everyone suddenly hated what they'd imagined when it became realized.
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    The internals (alone) is not what is going to get you more customers. Hasnt Apple already proven that?

    What I am angry about is that NO other form factors were announced!! And a 3.6" slider when open will not be very comfortable to use.

    But lets still discuss the internals. This is how I see it:

    Dual Core Processors are out in phones. Palm's NEXT gen doesnt have it.
    7MP-12MP (and more) phones are out. Palm's NEXT gen doesnt has 5MP.
    4G phones are out. Palm's NEXT gen doesnt have even one 4g phone.
    NFC tech in phones is out. Palm's NEXT gen phones dont have it.
    900x640 screen res. phones are out. Palm's NEXT gen phones dont have anything close.
    32 Gig pjones are out and some have SD card slots. Palm's NEXT gen phones has 16Gigs and no external card slot.
    Phones with HDMI out exist. Palm's NEXT gen phones dont have it.


    pre3is again going to be playing catch up with other phones, especially flagship devices.
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    I like how your post starts out by saying that the internals alone aren't going to get customers, then you start going on and on about internals again.

    No one phone has all of those things. They might have some, but definitely not all of them. And a lot of those features aren't even widely available in phones today, nor will they be widespread even when summer comes around.

    And if we have to go on and on about the high end of things, no one phone has a 1.4GHz processor either so I guess you could say the Preł has an exclusive something there. le gasp
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    And a 3.6" slider when open will not be very comfortable to use.

    Seems like everyone who has actually used the Pre3 has stated that it feels very comfortable in your hand when using the keyboard.
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    I'd like to see a comparison in performance between the 2nd gen 1.4ghz cpu and the dual core 1.0 ghz tegra 2's.

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