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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    please stoppp arguing.

    oreo issues with the earliest Srint pre was widespread and well documented. Check.

    it wasn't a problem for 100% of the first production run, but it was exceptionally high. Check.

    it made later users paranoid, even on the Pre Plus, and they exacerbated things by twisting and checking for oreo, and determining that a tiny bit of play was a major issue. Check.

    Quality improved with each new Plus launch, but replacement rates were still way too high. Check.

    the Pre3 and Veer appear to be as solid as any blackberry I've ever seen, and waaaaay better than the moto-droid, moto-droid2, and samsong sliders.

    so lets enter those items into the record and move on.

    Hindai makes a pretty soliid car now.

    Palm just announced new hardware that is better than we hoped for, and I believe they will announce more hardware once the touchpad is relesse.

    does that about cover it for everyone? Anyone? Beuhler?

    next thread please!
    What the hell is a Hindai?

    And I wouldn't say the new hardware is better than we'd hoped for. There are some big issues that I still think they have, especially the TouchPad (which I will most likely be picking up anyway because it's almost what I expected and this ipad is pretty bah), but the Pre 3 is right up my alley. Whe it comes out for Sprint, and it WILL come out for Sprint dammit! I'm am going to be in line again for a release day device.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mattykinsx View Post
    We will see when its mass produced.
    the veer were production. The pre3 were definitely production uality, but they aeemed to be in short supply so they were probably production samples.
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    I'm just laughing at all these LONG editorials. But I do, mostly, agree with Centrico. I had a release date Sprint Pre and loved it to death. I eventually ended in going through 4 Pre's but I still loved it and loved it. Eventually, a few months ago, I saw the attractive Evo and bought it because I was really interested in Android and its huge adoption. I have it now and I like allot but there is no way I could ever like an Android phone more than my RIP Pre. But to tell you the truth the only reason Android is so popular is because companies can use this nice highly equipped OS for free.
    Android is nice, iOS is great, but WebOS.....sheer, blinding Beastlyness!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrkalel View Post
    Hmmmm, you are just full of *answers* huh. Bravo for you.
    Uh... I just said something that is open to whatever happens.

    Jesus the insults to try to undermined what's said on here keep coming, don't they?
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    whats Jesus got to do with it .... roflol !!
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    I am typing on my OG Pre, but the battery has paper behind it and the audio now cuts out/ screen turns on when I press on the back cover. I was hoping to get a pre 3 on sprint before this one died. I do hope the build quality is better than this as it is still under contract even.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Centrico View Post
    terrible quality? Seriously? I am still using mine and its great.

    My Sprint Pre still ticking and never had any issues with it. I even dropped it hard several times, overclock, doctor it once for fun. etc and Kicking. In fact the only thing missing in my Pre is the side charger covr door and because I lost it some time past (Who cares).

    Terrible quality?????
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    I sure hope they are better quality, my 5th's pre touchscreen just started to go flaky. The whole thing goes unresponsive till I slide it open and closed multiple times, then it just works like normal....

    Pre 1 - Headphone jack issue out-of-the-box
    Pre 2 - GPS intermittent
    Pre 3 - refurb - Speakerphone crap
    Pre 4 - refurb - Crack in the digitizer (may have been my fault, I dropped it the previous day and may have not noticed the crack right away) causing the 1/5th of the screen to be unresponsive
    Pre 5 - refurb - touch screen thing....
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    I still have my original Pre, as does my wife. They aren't in pristine condition, especially my wife's, and she has her gripes about hers. But mine has been quite the trooper. Never had any issues with it, its got a couple of dings in it from some falls, and the USB port cover has come off, but that's cosmetic issue not a functional one. My wife has her own opinions on the phone, but she hasn't changed phones, and we both want the Pre 3. We're hoping that Sprint can see the outpouring of its webOS users and give the Palm/HP Pre 3 a chance.
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    My current Pre is the third one I've owned, but I consider it a "launch day" device since I had to switch them out within a week of launch.

    The actual Pre I received at launch stopped working after a few days. The screen wouldn't come on at all; the phone just died. The second Pre I got was someone else's return (stupid Sprint store). I noticed a huge, yellow discoloration at the bottom of the screen; it literally looked like someone urinated on my phone! Then, after re-downloading my apps, I realized I was logged into someone else's Pandora account. That's when I realized I had gotten a phone that someone else returned because of the severe discoloration. My third Pre was brand-spankin' new, but I did notice a single dead pixel on the screen. You could barely even see it, so I figured I'd keep this phone since everything else worked fine.

    Since then, my phone has worked great! I've dropped it a few really bad times, and it's continued to work well. Occasionally, I'll lose internet and will have to reboot, and I have a pretty good crack from the USB port to the screen, but the phone is still preforming well.

    My husband still has his original launch day Pre, and the only issue he has is his camera no longer works from when he dropped it on hard surface. He's planning to get an EVO, but doesn't want to spend the money right now. After I told him about the drama regarding the HP announcement, he's worried about sticking around for webOS. He loves the OS, but is concerned with the lack of apps and hardware.

    Personally, I don't care that much about apps, so I'm more inclined to wait until the Pre3 becomes available! I just hope my current Pre can keep running those last few miles!

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    Quote Originally Posted by morrison0880 View Post
    What the hell is a Hindai?

    And I wouldn't say the new hardware is better than we'd hoped for. There are some big issues that I still think they have, especially the TouchPad (which I will most likely be picking up anyway because it's almost what I expected and this ipad is pretty bah), but the Pre 3 is right up my alley. Whe it comes out for Sprint, and it WILL come out for Sprint dammit! I'm am going to be in line again for a release day device.
    The OP and my post were specific to the Pre3. The TouchPad devices we saw were early demo units, and we weren't able to play with them much.

    But the Pre3 is absolutely up to the level of saying "better than we'd hoped for". It just had that "ah, perfect" feeling that will make you smile.

    and FWIW, I think "Hindai" is the Indian sister company of Hundai. They are planning a new line of lawn mowers called Hondai... just a rumor
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mattykinsx View Post
    This is what I'm talking about.

    I noted to you that when I had the Pre it was BEFORE Sprint changed the TEP to cover physical damage.

    When I had the Pre they DIDN'T.
    Nor did they when these excess amount of people had their Pre's replaced multiple times.

    I get that you are drawing on your own experience.
    I understand that not everyone has the same experience whether it be worse or better.

    But do NOT sit here and give attitude or disbelief in people simply because they went through so many.

    I will tell you right now, I went through 12.
    It had nothing to do with abuse.
    It had to do with quality.
    My first was DOA at release, for example.

    Except for the Pre I have NEVER had to do more than TWO replacements in a TWO YEAR PERIOD.
    I had to do 12 in 12 months with the Pre.

    So again, I get what you're saying and I understand that some are luckier than others etc.
    But just because someone isn't doesn't mean it's their fault.
    While I do feel bad for you and others who got Pres from the bad batch but google *any* and all "Pre return" surveys you want and you will fine the overwhelming majority are still on their first Pre. Sure some people will say they replace 5 or 6 or 14 (really) but most on first.

    I would say the Pre hardware problems are on the same ratio as the "antenna" problems on iPhone.
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    We have already established and re-established that there were (and still are) quality issues with the Pre. Based on what I saw, the new Pre3 and Veer hardware is awesome.

    Refer to this post for the facts read into the official record so we can stop badgering the witnesses (pretending I'm Perry Mason):

    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    please stop arguing.
    Moving on...
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