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    Started the day excited about the possibilities.

    Followed the live blog during work. started getting excited about the TouchPad, the Veer and even the Pre3 and then realized the release dates...

    From then on, bad news started.....once we hit the NO OTA's update for "Legacy" webos products , that was it....I'm just sad...1.5 years of Pre (minus) ...oh well..

    Expectations were obviously WAY TOO HIGH in the previous 3 weeks or so. We all fell for it....oh well....need to decided what am I going to do with my Sprint upgrade that I've had available since September...

    Good night
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    I feel your pain! It was rage at first now mehh whatever!

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    I heard something about a website based upgrade path for webOS 2.0+ on the legacy webOS products.

    According to Ruby, the older webOS devices simply can't handle 2.x programming and the back end support necessary to port them over was too substantial. I guess it's a pretty good reason, but this is just another broken promise from HP/Palm. You just can't break promises like they have. They have very little credibility with the webOS community right now.
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    crg28 that is EXACTLY how it was for me. Initially I was extremely excited at all the announcements but then the shock of the release dates set in and then the kick in the teeth that was the no webOS 2.0 for existing devices....I may be moving on to a Verizon iPhone. I figure at worst I can just sell it when the pre 3 or something better from HP comes out (like a slab-style phone)
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    I had high hopes for the day, but I was prepared to be disappointed. I like the phones, suspected the 'shipping now' was BS and would be covered by the Pre2, but didn't expect the 2,0 announcement, or lack there of. I actually thought the presentation would begin with the rollout of Webos 2.1.

    That left me feeling betrayed and I was not expecting that!
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    I agree, I don't mind the wait till new devices come out. Palm always takes a few versions to get things right anyway, but I had hoped to have several months of fun playing with my OS upgrade to get me through. Disappointing.
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    Agreed...originally I was upset at the Pre3...but my real anger is that they ONLY announced a Pre3 and no other forms...and on top of that they want me to wait 3+ more months.

    I was already on the edge between this Touchpad and the Ipad 2...they hurt their chances by waiting until after more info for the next Ipad is released.

    Pre3 combo with the touchpad is really exciting...but if I am undecided on either of the devices that hurts them.
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    I'm disappointed that my palm pre won't get webos 2.0, but I'm not angry about it. I was and still am going to get a new webos device. I simply love webos. The Pre 3 is exactly what I want out of my new phone especially if it's a world phone (which engadget states it is).
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    I have been voicing my concerns all over this board. After watching the video on Engadget of the hands on.. I do want the Pre 3. I just wish it was released now instead of some unannounced time frame and I do wish for a little bigger screen but I think I could go back to a 3.6 " from the EVo. I'm sad as well that they seem to be making the same mistakes over again. Announcing things before they are ready, basically using up all the excitement and then by the time it is actually released no one will care.
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    I think we just got hyped up too much. If they did not hype these phones, we would have been crazy happy. lol
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    If I was on Sprint and holding onto an Original Pre, Id be bummed too.

    Not about the Phone but about the wait....eff that!

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