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    ok, so after coming home from work, and reading every tech sites initial reactions to the phone, EVERYONE seems to say that not only does the phone have solid construction, but webos is truely a beast on it with the new chipset... however, the one thing that i have not seen anyone comment on(or if they have, i have not noticed it anywhere) is the fact of the matter regarding the comment HP made what, a couple weeks ago, about how they will NOT announce products to ship months from now, but weeks... if this is the idea they plan to impliment, why are they going back on their word already? if the product is ready now, y wont it be ready to ship in a few weeks? there has to be some underlying problems that havent been discussed, right, or am i completely wrong in thinking this?

    ps i cant wait for this phone, i love the pre form factor, just always thought it was a little too small, and with the 3.6" screen, it looks sexy as hell... IMO
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    It sure looked to me that the hardware is ready to ship. Not sure if webOS 2.1 is ready, or if it's just the typical slow process to get them through their carriers.

    Thea phone hardware was top-frawer.
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    If you did in fact watch the presentation, you would have seen that the hardware was ready. You would have also noticed that the software was not ready for prime time.

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