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    [QUOTE=EvilKell;2857653] just comes in a package that initially looks like its failed siblings. Guilty by association, until you actually check it out anyway.QUOTE]


    I think this is the biggest consumer liability for the Pre-3. From a symbolic perspective, many of us were expecting a new design - even if it didn't include a different form factor. In terms of wow-factor, psychology, marketing, etc, something visually different would have gone a long way, especially after such a long wait. I agree they accomplished this with the touchpad, which seems to be where they're focused the most right now.

    That said, I wish I could click my heels together and my day-1 Pre-minus would change into the Pre-3. It definitely brings the phone to par, and beyond in some respects. My 2cents in terms of flags are: Need this now-not in 5 months, Sprint?, 4G?

    I've read some concern about HP dropping focus on phones. That's not warranted, if you think about it, since the biggest part of HP's "beyond" is that this is an ecosystem - Phone<->Tablet<->PCeventually<->toaster. Innovating in the handset department will be critical to this end.
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    I think for me the pre form factor is awesome, I love the compact size and the physical keyboard. The pre 3 has everything I want except 4g but I'm not hung up on that though. What really bugs me is the fact that I have been holding my main line upgrade since jun of last year cause I wanted to be prepared to upgrade to a pre 2, well that got dashed in nov. Cause it was "going" to verizon, but all was not lost cause ces was just around the corner. Well the day before ces, hp/palm announced that they were holding there own event on feb 9th...well I've waited this long, what's another month? All this waiting was tough but I figured sometime soon we would get webos 2.0 to tide me over... A week before yesterday we have the ceo of the company state that they will not show products that arnt ready to ship within weeks after....YES! I thought, I should have a new webos phone within a month and for sure they are going to announce that 2.0 is available for download on the 9th so I will have time to play with the new update before I get my new phone Feb 9th comes, and I am stoked...following the live blog, the pre 3 is everything I want (except 4g) and I'm a happy camper, just waiting for them to bring Hesse on stage...? Nope, then they announce "coming this summer" what? What happened towhat the ceo said? More waiting...and summer could and most likely will mean late summer looking at there track record :/ and the really tough part, we pre - users could wait till summer only to find out that sprint isn't getting it thenwe get the news that no older devices will be getting 2.0 a lot of disappointments for some of us sprint users that I believe is what most people are frustrated about and I think with good reason. I am on my 8th pre, and I have only dropped 1 and have had mostly hardware issues, slider getting stuck to where it would only open half way, headset stuck, keyboard stopped working, camera stopped working...real issues, theyare there, but I have stayed cause I love webos, but there iare reasons for people to be frustrated...just saying, keep everything in perspective...

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    I didnt find it depressing.

    I was really excited to hear about the Jumbo Pre. My favorite phone only bigger, faster stronger! YEEEEEEES!


    Effer, I gotta wait till the summer....this I dont like.
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