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    I currently have a rooted Evo that has a custom ROM on it. Now this phone is the biggest battery sucker on the market. It has a 4.3 display, a 1 GHz 1st gen snapdragon processor (aka the little brother of the Pre3's), Wimax Radio along with another EVDO(3G)/1xRT(Edge) Radio. Why is this? Because the ROM cooker who bundled up the current ROM I have optimized it so were it wasn't using a bunch of cycles of the processor and data when it didn't need this. This is one big problem with Android.
    The Pre3 on the other hand may have a 1230 mAh battery but it is no were near as bad of case as the Evo. It has a 3.58 display, 1.2 GHz 2nd Gen Snapdragon Processor, and no Wimax. Lets look at this..
    --The 1.2 GHz Snapdragon Processor is clocked to be faster but if you haven't read Qualcomm's release notes about this, its main focus is 3D gaming and, most importantly, they optimized the living crap about of it to work as efficiently as possible. Which one of there notes was to lower battery consumption by alot.
    --3.58 Display... kind of obvious. Smaller screen --> less battery power. But this is really important because one of the biggest battery burners is the display and loosing all of that space with be the #1 helper to battery.
    --No Wimax, is the single thing that I could ever to get to burn more ions than the screen. It is good to have but to tell you the truth... 4G isn't all what its cracked up to be. It shouldn't be drawn like a gun by the network providers.
    --Last of all, the Pre3 uses WebOS 2.0 (and sometime soon 3.0) which I will tell you IS MUCH more efficient than Android.
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    Quote Originally Posted by VCI_Cell View Post
    ... Yet in your post, you made no mention at all of processor scaling. It's lot like that CPU on the 3 is going to be running at 1.4 all day long, as dex4 mentioned.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but the original Pre was running at 500MHz all the time, idle or not, as I recall. If the CPU in the '3 spends its idle time down around 300 like the Pre2's does, I'm not worried.

    The increased screen acreage, though, is a concern. I'll give you that.
    Texas Instruments absolutely built dynamic CPU scaling into the Pre's OMAP3430. It's a must feature for a mobile device. I'm not saying the Pre3 won't be a lot better at it because it certainly should be, but there is a big difference in heat and power consumption on the Pre depending on what apps you're running, etc.

    Quote Originally Posted by Texas Instruments
    Power management. The OMAP3430 boasts the most advanced and effective power management techniques in the market. The chip makes exhaustive use of TI's SmartReflex technologies which include a broad range of intelligent and adaptive hardware and software techniques that dynamically control voltage, frequency and power based on device activity, modes of operation and temperature. Additionally the OMAP3430 is supported by the TWL4030 power management/audio codec companion device which is designed specifically to maximize battery life and boost system performance in mobile phones that leverage the OMAP3430 applications processor. The highly integrated TWL5030 audio/energy management device combines SmartReflex-compliant voltage regulators and converters, a high-fidelity audio/voice codec, class-AB/D audio amplifiers, high-speed USB 2.0 OTG transceiver, battery charger circuitry and much more into a single chip, significantly reducing board space and system cost while managing power consumption efficiently.
    OMAP™ 3 Processors - OMAP3430

    Historically speaking, more powerful devices have usually consumed more power even when the performance comes concurrently with a die shrink. That's just the way it's been. The trend in batteries supports that as well. Most smartphones come with much larger batteries than their predecessors, yet they still keep the 1 day charge cycle. The Pre3 will not buck the trend in terms of needing to charge it every day. Hopefully it's just not worse than the original Pre.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rennat View Post
    ...It has a 3.58 display, 1.2 GHz 2nd Gen Snapdragon Processor,
    The Pre3 does not have a 1.2GHz processor. It has a 1.4GHz processor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by realistdreamer View Post
    If the slider doesn't work or the battery is marginal = SUPER FAIL!!!
    Is "SUPER FAIL!!!" worse than "FAIL!!! ?"
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