View Poll Results: If HP was offering a Pre3 unlocked with webOS 2.0.1 right now, would you buy it?

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  • Yes, even if the price is over $200

    83 56.08%
  • Yes, but only if the price is under $200

    41 27.70%
  • No

    24 16.22%
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    could be a number of reasons. Maybe palm is in line behind the iPhone at sprint. Maybe they don't want to launch the phone until they have the tablet, maybe they don't want the phones until the next release is available because point releases take almost as much time ans a new product for a carrier to deliver. Could be a combination of those reasons and others. I wish I was a fly on their wall so I could know.

    given the amount of pain carriers experience with the pre relative to low sales volumes, um sure that palm stands in line behind apple, RIM, and HTC that have a recor of producing much higher ROI than the pre did.
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    Wish they could forget about carriers and sell it unlocked through their normal trading channels.

    Its not likely any operator over here will pick it up since ppl already either been assimilated into the collective or gone bananas about that fruit company.
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    The factory where all these products are getting made are not up to speed, not enough made in production. They want to have enough to ship world wide, I think they looked at HTC EVO where HTC didnt have enough, so I think they making sure they are up to date and putting finishing touches on Pad and Pre 3. Dont want o embarrass themselves. We really dont know the truth and I am sure we will never know.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Andreas View Post
    ..since ppl already either been assimilated into the collective or gone bananas about that fruit company.
    This is the best Android/Apple "dis" I've seen. Though, I'm still waiting for a good "fembot" reference.
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    Heck I would take a Pre3 with 1.4 on it!
    I just want a stable phone! As of last week I am on my 6th Pre Minus! And my replacement appears to have problems with the headset! Come on HP... where's the quality!
    Gotta stay in the "NO"
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    The wait until summer is a significant disappointment for me. Palm killed itself over the last half decade with promises that were mostly shifted into the future and "firm" product announcements that were, at best, six months out. I thought that life would be different with HP. Why even bother announcing the Pre 3 at this juncture...which just eats into your own revenue for the Pre 2 hitting Verizon? It's counter-intuitive...and not done typically by most successful vendors. Apple is one prime example who avoids such premature announcements at all costs.

    My family bought three Pre's on launch day. Mine is held together with superglue at the moment...quite literally...and I have heard that securing a replacement through Asurion for Sprint is nearly impossible at the moment. Even if it was not, $100 for another four months doesn't seem like my best investment. My wife and daughter are also ready for their next device.

    We will be shopping by April...and perhaps pulling the trigger shortly thereafter. I am just amazed that over 18 months after buying a launch day Pre that Sprint *still* does not have a better WebOS option. Vague promises of summer from HP without confirmed carriers? That is most likely going to translate into a jump to Android in my house for all three of us...which at the end of the day, might not be that bad.

    <insert unconditional and rabid WebOS support here>
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    This probably has something to do with the delay in releasing the Pre3. Found at the very bottom of the Palm info page for the Pre3 and the Touchpad. "This device has not been authorized as required by the rules of the Federal Communications Commission. This device is not, and may not be, offered for sale or lease, or sold or leased, until authorization is obtained." It appears that they do not have FCC approval as yet.
    That could explain things.
    I did not see this mentioned for the Veer or of course the Pre2.
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    Quote Originally Posted by electrical1213 View Post
    Hp is already way behind every one and by the time they release this pre 3 is going to be a forgotten item.
    not really. unless you're only counting the super ridiculous android hummer phones as comparison. and even then, the 1.4 ghz processor and 512 mb RAM will still be somewhat competitive.
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    Keep back 200 ft .. Merge coming through

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    i am very comfortable putting out $400 for it, as long as it is GUARANTEED to work with desktop skype over 3G/4G.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dpaus View Post
    What the hell happened to Apotheker's statement that "we've learned from our mistakes" and that "we will not announce any device that isn't ready to ship within weeks"????

    eeks? Summer?? Just what the hell did the groundhog see last week?
    It's all corporate bull****.
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