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    Ok, here't the deal. HP Obviously has the tablet, the pcs, the printers, the toasters and the whole webOS conectivity ecosystem in the forefront of its thinking with the Pre3 trailing behind, really just one small piece of their vision. Indeed, looking at that presentation the Pre3 looked like it was being presented an accessory to the tablet!

    Soooo, here is what HP needs to do. Give the Pre 3 away FREE to anybody that buys the tablet! I mean really free, no new lines of service, no contract extentions, a free phone if you buy the tablet.

    And if you stop to think about it, its not as silly as it sounds, HP wants to get everyboyd sucked into the webOS ecosystem so that they are using their products for everything. Unless you have both the phone and the tablet together, however, you don't quiet get there. It would get people hooked into the system so that the next printer they bought would be a webOS one and the next computer they had was webOS ready.

    Would also really set them apart from everyone else and give people who are not webOS users already a reason to get the HP tablet over an android or ipad

    I know, I'm mostly kidding but it not all that far-fetched an idea.
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    Not a terrible idea. Once people have the Tablet and the Mobile Phone they will want the printer etc. Ofcourse they would not do this BUT it does make sense.
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    I think the method to their madness is actually in reverse.

    HP will sell millions of PCs and printers to corporations over the next year. If WebOS is either bundled, downloaded or otherwise, it is that installed base they intend to leverage to get corporate clients and their employees to try and buy WebOS tablets and phones. It's as an extension of the workplace as opposed to the consumer-driven model of Apple/Google.

    They also need to play in the tablet space so their corporate clients' IT folks can stave off the "support my iPad" screams of their employees. This is not a dumb move by HP.

    I'm just not convinced it's sufficient or timely enough to work.
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    HP said their visions go into late 2012 so I mean I don't know. I'm not really upset by today, and people are saying HP missed its competition with Apple. They're acting like HPs last products of webOS are right here. webOS will most likely continue, especially since they're going to put the marketing behind it.
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    cant fix stupid
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    I was kinda thinking they should fire a few people. And have a software & patents sale.
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    I'm in support of this concept. Free Pre 3 with HP TouchPad purchase! LOL

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