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    Quote Originally Posted by sinsin07 View Post
    Hmm, it would seem you are not qualified to rate a review. Problem with the comments, they mostly relate to what he/she wants/needs. Not helpful to everyone. I would prefer he/she didn't write for P|C, I like unbiased reviews.
    Perhaps the poster was talking about writing style then suggesting the post itself should be posted verbatim as something for PreCentral. If you'd note, the for first thing I stated after going through the check list was what bugs ME. I made it very clear from the start I was giving my opinion based on myself.

    Personal preference, what about the public at large? Is HP making a phone just for this person?
    Indeed, I was speaking about me...which you failed to point out I stated from the very start. That said, HDMI-Out is not standard even on high end phones now. The largest selling phone in the country is not 4g enabled nor able to have exandable memory. Are these features that are viewed by the public as perks and a bonus right now? Absolutely. Are they "Must have" features...obviously, factually, no since a number of phones are successful and don't have them. They are "nice to haves" in a general sense with them being "must haves" for some people and "not needed" for others with the majortiy being in the middle.

    [/I]Touchstone, again a self indulged comment. WebOS as an advantage, prove it. What is deemed an advantage is subjective, based on user wants and needs. It may just be that Webos is the best OS, but who cares if people can get what they want from Android or IOS (Not a question).
    Again, one I specifically stated was "for me". In regards to WebOS being an advantage I will say 1/3rd anecdotal, 1/3 opinion, 1/3 useless fact. Anecdotal as we've seen throughout this site and other places on the net numerous individuals who have stated their love of WebOS but displeasure with a number of other things with the Pre that sent them away, with many of those issues rectified in the Pre3. I don't think its unreasonable to think there are likely a fair amount of individuals who potentially fall in that realm. Additionally those individuals who have proclaimed they stayed on the Pre despite all the issues singularly due to WebOS. Opinion, as I stated in my post pretty clearly I was speaking about MYSELF and my views of what I need. And useless fact, as based on voting things like the OS Bowl championship twice or the large variety of tech writers who routinely speak of WebOS as generally the top mobile OS when speaking singularly of the OS. I say useless because those type of things don't make it a "fact" that it IS better, but shos that its not a foreign concept.

    I am sure there are other people who would take Android or iOS over WebOS no matter the specs. I'm sure there would be people who would take Android with high specs over WebOS with slightly less specs. I'm stating for me personally, I'd take good but not GREAT specs and WebOS over GREAT specs and Android and I'm stating its my OPINION based on the above that there's likely others that feel similarly.

    If the OS/devices are all he/she thinks they are, should be no problem at all.
    Not really, since I stated good specs. If it takes 6 to 8 months to launch those specs go from Good to average if not poor potentially.

    Well he/she did say it their opinion. Problem with opinions is they don't always translate into dollars.
    Yes, I've said it was my opinion the whole time yet you're critiquing it like I was trying to write an objective factual piece. I was giving MY opinion, contrary to others giving THEIR opinions that they HAD to launch a slate or that the Pre3 is a "Fail" or that the phone is "outdated" or all other things that are no less opinion and no less able to translate into "dollars" than mine.

    If a person is willing to settle for less, than not much can be said.
    I agree. If those people would rather have those specs and android, they're more than willing to settle for less.

    Would I love to have a Pre form factor with a AMOLED screen and 2 ghz dual core processor with 2 gigs of ram and a 10 mp camera that's better than the iPhones in quality and a hdmi out and nfc and and SD card and 128 gigs of memory and god knows what else all with WebOS.

    I'm also a bit of a realistic. Would I be happy for HP to put out an Atrix like phone? Sure. Should I have the expectation they would DEFINITELY do it? Considering there's only one android phone at that spec, I think its reasonable to suggest putting out something on par with a large amount of the upcoming android flagships is not a failure. Not a GREAT Success? Sure. But not a failure in my opinion.

    ANY phone I personally would buy right now would be "settling for less" because I can either get huge specs and an OS I don't like as much or good specs with an OS I absolutely love. I imagine I'm hardly singular in that.

    Again another opinion, not fact. There is nothing wrong with the iPhone OS, it works. Millions and millions of people don't seem to have a problem using it. Again it may not be the poster's cup of tea, but for millions of people it is. Dual boot? Who the heck wants to boot let alone dual boot? Sounds more like a wet dream. It would be much better to embed webos into an existing OS so people don't have to think about booting at all. Developers will come on board because of dual boot? Supposition based on wants, not reality.
    Again, another example of you acting like I didn't state it as an opinion right off the bat by stating in my eyes. I do hope you don't discount my earlier comment about HDMI and 4g being "must haves" by saying its "different" with the iPhone when you then turn around and use it being used by millions and millions of people that its proof it "it works".

    Yep, some people love iOS. I'm not discounting that. However its my opinion that if you gave fresh person a core WebOS device and a core iOS device with nothing else on it and no knowledge of any of the additional apps or services with it that the individual would likely enjoy WebOS more. I acknowledge completely that's my opinion, and that its based on those three things I mentioned above. I think its a pretty reasonable suggestion that the amount of apps available for it is a HUGE reason for the OS's success as it seems both Apple and Android agree with me as they routinely and continually use their app store sizes as a way to either show how much better their device is or show why their device is just as good as the others.

    As to supposion based on wants not reality, I beleve you're suffering from that a bit yourself. It is not unrealistic in the least to suggest that if HP goes through with what it was insinuating, which was eventually having every HP printer or computer having WebOS on it in some form, that developer support will be more likely then it would be if it was just trying to penetrate the smartphone market.

    This part has been re-hashed enough here, it's an obvious statement. Nothing new or creative here.
    Like the majority of your post.

    The comments are self centered, catering to the wants of one poster without a single reference to the public at large, which is who HP needs to buy these device.
    Golly Gee, a post specifically detailing how I feel and routinely throughout it pointing out that its MY view regarding MY feelings about it catered to my own view....thank you for that amazing revolation.

    I hope you're putting so much thought into calling out peoples "self centered" comments in threads where they're complaining its not a slate, that the phones a failure, that hp is dumb, that everyone hates the Pre, that the phone is doomed, that its last years tech, and on and on with opinionated comments centered singularly on their own views.
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    Regarding whether iPhone will have tap to share or even exhibition mode. These aren't really hardware issues. Tap to share requires Bluetooth and a programmer. Same with Exhibition mode. Get a modified powermat and an app and you've got exhibition mode.

    People complained that iPad doesn't run Flash. Developers have already solved this problem and you can run Flash. If demand is there and it isn't prohibited by the software, someone will figure it out.
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