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    Every log blog said, "a phone for professionals." Does this mean that the Pre 3 will be marketed for enterprise users and not consumer users? And the Veer is for consumers?

    From the Engadget liveblog:

    10:34AM "Meet the Pre 3." Cheers!

    10:34AM "As I said before, customers want a device that works for them. They want a device that makes it easy to do email, calls, browse the web... and they wonder why that's so much to ask... we're introducing a smartphone for professionals..."

    Live from HP / Palm's 'Think Beyond' webOS event! -- Engadget
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    I just hope that they upgrade the PIM apps on the Pre 3 so that it will truly be "a phone for professionals". And also include Open Office that lets you edit docs and spread sheets.

    And I hope that Kindle is also available on the Pre 3 (because John acknowledged that professionals have a personal life, too )

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